Persuasive Essay On Censorship In Schools

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Shanelle Moore
Dr. Carol Reid
ENC 1101- 74235
12 March 2023
Censorship Making Students Extraordinary School is an institution where students go to learn, schools need censorship. Censorship can help students by only displaying appropriate learning material. Censorship is to protect the students. Censorship in schools has been around for years some of the first cases of censorship can date back to one thousand nine hundred Fifty. Instructors should not have to introduce students to inappropriate materials. Others may say that students should be able to learn the curriculum without censorship because it is learning. There should be books in American schools such as The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and To Kill a Mocking Bird that shows racial references. There should be censorship in American schools learning material, but a censored way can help the student understand the curriculum without inappropriate words and acts. Students across America are being introduced to words …show more content…

Parents making up most of the challenges for “Banned and Challenge Book Week” (Manning par 3) to be censored shows that they are uncomfortable with the decisions on keeping inappropriate books and lessons in the school system. School materials can cause division in the classroom, with parents and the curriculum. Controversial topics such as politics, religion, race, and sexual orientation can easily cause a ruckus within our schooling system. For instance, in a work setting, there are rules in place and guarded by the HR department so employee conversations would not get out of hand like censorship for schools. In school, books can lead to conversations that are inappropriate for school-age pupils. Banning such books or rewording them in an appropriate manner could also advocate for parents who choose to shield their children from words that should not be read in schools in

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