Why We Should Be Censored In Fahrenheit 451

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People in today’s society often censor books as they think it will be beneficial to others. Every one has a different perception of the meaning behind books, and what they think is appropriate. Neither good nor bad readers should criticize or censor literature. Although this practice has become very common, there should be justification and evidence supporting their decision. In Fahrenheit 451, a reoccurring theme or issue brought up in censorship. Widely known, is the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. This amendment states that people should have essentially have freedom of speech, religion, press and petition. Censorship does not allow children and students to learn correctly. Instead, it leaves them with a distorted picture of any ideas, values, and problems found in their culture and society. Writers’ who emphasize these ideas, values, and problems aim to educate students on what is happening around them. Censorship does not allow these books to be exposed to children, therefore not allowing them to really understand what is going on around them. Censorship is a controversial issue that is evident throughout Fahrenheit 451. …show more content…

People wanting to censor books must follow a set of rules. First, they must provide evidence on why they believe this book should be censored. They should have a reason on why the particular novel has a dangerous effect on the youth. Second, they must provide psychological evidence that shows how reading a potential dangerous book could inspire students to flagrantly disregard authority. Although opinion is usually taken from people who frequently read, the issue of censorship should be taken into account from all

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