Fahrenheit 451 Weaknesses

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Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury tells a story of a futuristic America which superficial entertainment dominates. Bradbury’s world consists of a society who does not appreciate the aspects of nature; rather, they enjoy meaningless pleasures like watching endless amounts of television. This book explores the idea of censorship, and what it could do to civilization.
The book begins with Guy Montag, the main character and the only character who the audience knows the thoughts of. His occupation is a fireman, whose job it is to burn illegal books. After finishing his work, he meets a strange girl named Clarisse McClellan. Before meeting Clarisse, Montag’s life exists as a routine. After meeting her, he begins to realize how fabricated his world …show more content…

Bradbury ends the book with a sudden finish, which leaves the audience with a disappointment to how a descriptive story can end so quickly. Also, even though Bradbury’s writing style is detailed, it is sometimes hard to understand what the book is saying. In one of Beatty’s speeches, it is difficult to assimilate the meaning behind his words. The last weakness of Fahrenheit 451 is that the story is a clear path, one that a person can envision from the start. Although there are no plot twists, a consolation is when Montag suddenly immolates Beatty. On a five-star scale, Fahrenheit 451 rates at four stars. People who have never read this book will be astonished by the descriptive words, although it is too descriptive. The plot and theme shows the dangers of censorship, which can give readers an understanding on what a censored future looks like. In other words, the story is worth reading, especially for science fiction readers and dystopian lovers. The dangers of censorship looms over civilization as it becomes closer to technology. Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 deliberates a torn down society ridden with illegalities. His book shows what this world could become, and can provide great insight to help prevent a doomed

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