Pros And Cons Of Book Censorship Reasech

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AJ Harasti
Mrs. Hassing
English 12B
18 April 2023 Book Censorship Reaserch Essay

Access to information is one of the most crucial aspects of a fair and equitable education. Exposure to different perspectives and people is key to how a person performs in diverse environments that differ from what individuals experience personally. Because of this, local and federal governments should enact laws that stop censorship in schools’ curricula as well as acknowledging the problems that correlate with banning books. Every student is entitled to a fair and well-rounded education that a student is free to choose. A curriculum that excludes and prevents students from making that choice is detrimental to our future, it limits a student's first amendment …show more content…

With the highest recorded number of challenged or banned books this year, what is the solution. Considering that “ALA reported 729 attempts to censor library resources, targeting 1,597 books, which represented the highest number of attempted book bans since ALA began compiling these lists more than 20 years ago.” (ALA). It’s notable to compare recent reaserch that shows an increase in harmful ideologies with that of censorship. With sharp increases in hate incidents, it makes society question if there is a possible correlation between the two. One author explains this simpler: “The rise of book bans, in their view, is the tip of a deeper iceberg: a growing movement on the right to use the levers of local and state governance to control teachers and push an ideologically slanted vision of what children should learn about American culture, society, and history.” (Beauchamp). There’s a particularly intresting parallel between these two problems. Book banning is a slippery slope, with the problem only growing it’s right to be concerned. However, it’s clear that the baseline of book banning is control, which is a foundation to controlling beliefs. Do note that this is only a question to be further expanded on with growing …show more content…

Bill that restrict teachers abilities of free speech are directly contradictory of American values. The differences between selection v. censorship, and how modern day book bannings are not catorgized as selection. Certain landmark cases prove the governments ability to reconignizze censorship as a problem, but their reasons why they have yet to protect intelectinisum is questioned. Finally questions on the parallel between hateful incidents and ideologies were brought forth to show that there’s a possible connection between two closely related problems. All of this serves as a way to show that they’s a significant problem that can be quickly addressed, but is couintiusly ignored in favor of minorites extreme values. L5et this evidence serve as reasoning behind why the government should prevent censorship in schools accross the

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