Why Should Maus Not Be Banned

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Dear Dr Constant,

Maus has been widely praised and recognized for its literary and artistic merits, including winning the Pulitzer Prize. Maus is a graphic novel written and illustrated by Art Spiegelman. It tells the story of Spiegelman´s father, a holocaust survivor, and his experience during World War 2. The novel is notable for its use of animals as Jews depicted as mice and Nazis depicted as cats. Maus was first published in 1980 and has since become a classic of the graphic novel genre, winning numerous awards. The book Maus 1 written by Art Spiegelman should not be banned from Owensboro Middle School (OMS) based on the content found throughout the book because it goes against the principles of free speech and it also helps us understand the Holocaust. …show more content…

People should be able to express their ideas and if they ban Maus it could harm creativity and artistic expression. It also helps us develop controversial ideas which could help us extinguish our voices. It says in Passage 2 ¨Some books contain controversial or offensive content to challenge societal norms or spark essential discussions. By banning these books, authorities could suppress critical artistic voices and censor valuable social. Another reason is that it goes against us having access to knowledge. For example, books like Harry Potter get banned because of religious reasons but we should be able to talk about controversial topics because we have freedom of speech, and if we were given the right we should be able to express our feelings and ideas. For example, in Passage 2 it says ¨banning books can also have the unintended consequence of restricting access to critical information.¨ Banning Maus will go against freedom of

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