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  • Why Should Books Be Banned Books?

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    There are many reasons a book can become censored in the first place. Banned books usually contain explicit content that some find unsuitable for children. The book can contain one of the following; use of alcohol, use of drugs, sexual actions, violence, etc. When books were first censored, they were censored without reason. Those who were in power removed them because it offended them, while the books may have had nothing explicit about them. Today, books are banned because of the influence they

  • Book Strengths

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    years, I have read a great deal of books that have helped shape me as a reader. Through this reading, one of my strengths is being able to catch minor, but later important, details in a story. I can make sense of small minor details and use this knowledge while reading the rest of the book to further my understanding of it. Another one of my strengths is that I can easily tell when I will enjoy a book or not. People often use the phrase “you can’t judge a book by it 's cover” but I feel that in some

  • Banned Books

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    allowed to ban books? Some banned books are good for students to read because books tell the real life stories and struggles of a person and what they had to overcome. Banned books have many controversies around them. When books are challenged enough and with lots of good reasoning they can be banned. Not being able to check out banned books is like being locked up in jail and you can do only certain things. Such as reading in a library and someone is not allowed to check the book out and read it

  • Bad Book

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    With a good book you can travel anywhere or wherever you want, but with a bad book you can’t go anywhere.Reading is not always the funnest thing, but it is important to our life in many scenarios like driving and going to places.If nobody could read people would be driving all around the city lost and keep on crashing since they can’t read the signs “STOP” and “SCHOOL ZONE” , “SPEED LIMIT 55” and “ROUTE EXIT 306” ,etcetera you get the point. Initially not all books are good, some are just bad in

  • The Book Thief

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    are having a wonderful holiday. The Book Club for Kids' organization has confirmed that four of our students will be part of their next broadcast on Thursday, April 5th at 9:30 am! The scholars will discuss the novel, The Book Thief. The program is being taped at our school. Four of our pupils will discuss the novel, The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak. In addition to the recording of their voices, the scholars will be asked to take a picture holding the book (per parent permission). Since the

  • Persuasive Essay: Should Books Be Banned Books?

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    worldwide are starting the movement to ban certain books for children. There are many different reasons why books shall not be banned. First, kids will not be able to read what they want and they will have limited knowledge. Next, kids will not be able to read about real-life situations that could happen to them or that they could encounter. Finally, kids cannot read many of the classic books anymore that have brought people valuable lessons for years. Books should not be banned for kids because it affects

  • Persuasive Essay: Should Books Be Banning Books?

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    Banning books hinders younger generations learning abilities massively. Most people are different in the ways they work and the things they want their child seeing. The only problem with this is that this starts controversy and unnecessary drama around younger audiences. And many audiences of older people do not like things found in books so they challenge in communities to get them banned. Is banning books truly necessary and the hindering of children’s learning for them to see or hear a few less

  • Essay On Banning Books

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    schools are banning books with the intention of protecting students from topics that may be seen as harmful. Among these bans are works such as To Kill A Mockingbird, which was banned for racism and offensive language. Many of the books being banned discuss topics such as racism and sexuality. While these topics are difficult, it is important students are educated on these matters. Schools need to stop having banned books because books provide realistic lessons, banning books can cause gaps in learning

  • Essay On Banning Books

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    2023 The banning of books is an ageless practice. Books contain a vast amount of educational material and information. The challenge of books has been at an all-time high since the 1970s, and many children are discouraged from reading what they enjoy (Webb 10). Across t united states, parents have been burdensome on the school board because they want more insight into their children's curriculum. Parents are provoking school board meetings to turn to chaos. Children's books should not be banned

  • Banning Books Essay

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    For centuries books have been gateways to knowledge, stories, ideas, and many other things. But with the thousands and thousands of books throughout time controversy is sure to emerge. This controversy can lead to the challenging or banning of books by leaders, governments, or the general population. Many people disagree with whether or not banning books is a valid process. Some believe it is against basic human rights and others see it as a protective method against harmful ideas breaching people

  • Banning Books In Schools

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    There have been over 11,300 books that have been challenged since 1982. Book banning has been happening for centuries and should be stopped. Authors should have the right to write about whatever they want without having to worry about if it is appropriate or not. All of these reasons are what brings us to the many cons of banning books. As a result, many people believe books should not be banned in school/libraries because they should not have the right to take books away from everyone. First, there

  • Banning Book Banned

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    one point in time all of these books have been banned (Banned Books That Shaped America 1) . These well-known books, as well as many others have been very important and vital to the education of both children and adults all around our country. Many of the books on the list were banned because of reasons such as racial issues, religious issues and even sexual references. Strong real world themes and important moral values can be learned through the reading of these books and banning them is taking away

  • Book Banning Essay

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    Banning books creates an unstable curriculum and creates a narrow way of looking at and learning about the world. A recent journal article by states, “Limiting students access to books might solve on family’s problems about their child reading a certain book, but it removes the opportunity for another child” (Chiesa). Children are meant to learn and grow and learn. Removing these books, that provide new ideas and representations, creates gaps in knowledge. Every family has some

  • Essay On Banning Books

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    Books are a way for people to explore their world and other worlds. Books are either window books where you see into another world or mirror books where you see it reflect something in your life. While children in elementary schools in America have access to books, books are beginning to be censored. (Context). Want to become an elementary teacher, and this topic is important to me. (Point of View). Children learn so much through reading, not only do they learn vocabulary words and grammar but also

  • Essay On Banning Book

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    Book Banning has Become Out of Control Have you ever read Charlotte's Web, The Lorax, or The Giving Tree? And if you have, you probably read them when you were young and in elementary school. These books and thousands of others are now considered banned books. Now, what is a banned book you may ask? There are two types of banned books. There are challenged books where people are trying to get a book banned. And a banned book is where the book has been banned completely. When a book gets banned,

  • Nazi Book Burning

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    “There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them”. Book burning is a form of censorship, but as Bradbury has explained here, not reading them is worse than burning them. This could go either way, but book burning both ways has been a big element through history. Thus, there has been many cases of book burning throughout history that are religious book burnings, Nazi book burnings, and historical book burnings. Religious book burnings happen when someone or a group

  • Essay On Book Banning

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    Brian Kha Mrs. Crego English 10H (Period 4,6 BD) 24 May 2023 Book Banning All America Book banning is an epidemic that continues to spread throughout society. Book banning is when people in a community decide that specific work is unacceptable to be read in their educational system or libraries. This can be decided by numerous types of people, such as government officials, organizations, and even parents or family members. Book banning is an issue because it allows even the smallest amount of people

  • Book Banning Essay

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    year alone, over 1,600 books were banned in American school systems. Throughout the years, administrations have become stricter with what students can and cannot learn about in schools. Not only have school administrators added rules, but parents have tried to implement their own rules in schools as well. Censorship and book banning are built on the idea that banning lessons and ideas is better than selecting proper material to teach in schools. Although censorship and book banning can protect many

  • Essay On Banning Books

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    your favorite book had suddenly disappeared from your school's bookshelf, how would you feel? Well, all over the United States, books are getting banned from schools, churches, and libraries because they do not agree with what the book has to say. Public places should not be allowed to ban certain books in America, because they are essential to growing up and maturing, and enhance the reader’s imagination and thought process. Banning books should be illegal in America because books are a vital part

  • Beastly Book Report

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    beginning of the book is so boring? Me too, but I have found a book that grabs your attention by the first sentence. Beastly is a Romantic book but is also suspenseful. You won’t be able to put the book down! Beastly is a book that will be one of your favorite. The author of the book Beastly is Alex Flynn and the publisher is HarperTeen. It was published October 2, 2007. The book is fairly short at 320 pages. If you like romance this is the book for you. The conflicts of the books include: