Bad Book

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With a good book you can travel anywhere or wherever you want, but with a bad book you can’t go anywhere.Reading is not always the funnest thing, but it is important to our life in many scenarios like driving and going to places.If nobody could read people would be driving all around the city lost and keep on crashing since they can’t read the signs “STOP” and “SCHOOL ZONE” , “SPEED LIMIT 55” and “ROUTE EXIT 306” ,etcetera you get the point.

Initially not all books are good, some are just bad in general, some have a lot of defects, but all books have at least one defect I think we have all read that one boring book.One reason books are very important to our life is imagine you're lost in a forest and there's a bunch of signs and one says “TIGER PIT” another one says “EXIT” and, “FREE CANDY”.Since you don’t know how to read it's just going down to your luck imagine if you went walking and fell to the tiger pit or even go to the free candy white van.Well that's exaggeration I don't think that would happen but you get what i'm trying to say this was just a really imaginary way of saying imagine you're trying to buy the new video game and you accidently buy some game made in 2004.

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