Essay On Banning Books

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Imagine if your favorite book had suddenly disappeared from your school's bookshelf, how would you feel? Well, all over the United States, books are getting banned from schools, churches, and libraries because they do not agree with what the book has to say. Public places should not be allowed to ban certain books in America, because they are essential to growing up and maturing, and enhance the reader’s imagination and thought process. Banning books should be illegal in America because books are a vital part of maturing and growing up. In the article High School Reading Lists: Pros and Cons of Controversial Books, by Grace Chen, it states, “the books serve as a scaffold to slowly guide students to build upon more complicated ideas and realities” (Chen, 5). This means that these banned books are necessary to growing children to learn and think better for themselves. Also, in the same article, High School Reading Lists: Pros and Cons of Controversial Books, …show more content…

This can be shown when in the article High School Reading List: Pros and Cons of Controversial Books, when it claims “‘Books are the epitome of life’”. This quote shows that books are a place of imagination of a better place, and taking them away would take readers imagination away. As well as, in the same article List: Pros and Cons of Controversial Books, it claims, “students tried to explain their desire to offer up controversial books, topics, and issues”, (Chen, 3). This shows that students want to read these books, and the schools are taking them away from them, and crushing their imagination. Some may say that many banned books were “Age Inappropriate”, (Common Reasons for Banning Books, 10). Those people are incorrect because readers are going to need knowledge of the real world to grow up and

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