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  • Virtual Librarian Vs Digital Librarian

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    There are some similarities that can be identify regarding on requirement or qualification of each virtual librarian and digital librarian. Both of them should be have a Master’s Degree in Information Science. Librarian will work collaboratively with libraries staffs to lead aspects of system design and implementation (Lepczyk, 2014). According to Gerolimos & Kosta (2008), complete librarians not just only focus on Library Sciences, they also have to focus on the creation of digital library and be

  • Importance Of Library

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    that is working with school library is known as teacher librarian. In other part of the world, they are also known as media specialist. According to Jan Hylen in her article, ‘The top ten reasons a library media specialist is a teacher’s best friend’, teacher librarian is responsible in arming both teachers and students with additional information, enriching both the teaching and learning processes (Hylen, 2004). It proves that a teacher librarian role in school is as important as teacher in school,

  • Difference Between Library And Library Education

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    of acquired knowledge and the accumulation of observation and experience. Education cannot exist alone in the absence of library, and library has no meaning if it cannot impart education. Library education means educating students to be qualified librarians or information scientists through organized instruction and training. It represents a synthesis of professional action and testifies to the importance, value, and necessity of libraries for the present and the future. library education is to develop

  • Library Automation

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    Abstract: In India, there are many libraries where library automation and use of new information technologies are in planning stage. Librarian and library managers are making effort to automate their libraries. Authors of this paper try to accommodate each and everything, which required for successful library automation. This plan describes the Basic elements of managing the automation planning process in primarily special and R & D libraries. This write-up provides a detailed overview of a planning

  • Collection Development Policy

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    particular user group. To the librarian, the process of identifying what the library ought to acquire, determining how and from whom it can be obtained is time consuming and often quite complex. In many ways the work is hidden from the public. However, without an effective acquisitions management and collection development program, the expectations of the library users can never be met. The selection of the library materials is not the responsibilities of the librarians solely. The whole university

  • Importance Of Library Association

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    article which will contribute to the development and maintenance of intellectual freedom and help safeguard universal civil rights and basic democratic values. As Hastings (1996) cited in Laili and Haliza (2012) says it is more important that digital librarians possess particular personal qualities rather than specific technical expertise. This is refer to the information professionals that they must change and adapt to the new electronic information environment. He or she must keep learning about new

  • Library Information Skills

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    Information Retrieval Skill As the public library web-based libraries are the database of databases, the library professional should have the professional technological skills of comprehensive retrieval of right information from a public library database in a logical and analytical manner and to provide it to its users at the right time. The public library professional should be in a position to help its diversified user community by providing retrospective searches, ready reference services, bibliographic

  • Culture In Information Management

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    “Culture in Information Management” Abstract This article seeks to suggest ways of understanding about the culture in information management. This discussion in this paper includes some of the culture in other organisations such as libraries and records management. Other than that, it also will provide some information about impacts of culture in libraries and records management to make it clear for reader to understand more about it. Information culture will always have a defining influence on how

  • Disadvantages Of Library System Management

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    of books such as sorting, check-in or check-out. It was helpful on that. However, sometimes we went to the library wanting to read a book, we could not find it, but the library system was shown that nobody has taken the book. In fact, nothing the librarian could do because it was so hard to find the book from the library if it was not in its original position. Therefore, we tried to build a system, which was not only could check the position of the book automatically, but also made a security system

  • Library Management System In Institutions

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    Keyword- Library Management system, buy academic books online Using the automated Library Management system in the library allows handling the books in a better way. To manage the extensive library with plenty of books is quite a daunting job for the librarian. To make this intricate job easier many institutions are taking the advantage of the Library Management system. In the past time, everything from searching the books to issuing the books was done manually which was a really time-consuming process

  • Importance Of Library In Knowledge Society

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    Academic libraries in knowledge society A library is an indispensable part of the educational system. It is an important organ which helps in functioning of an academic institution. A well established library is essential for any academic institution. As a focal point for teaching, learning, and research, it is expected to provide standard information resources with the emergence of digital technology , the academic libraries are struggling to survive as the major source of inquiry. Digital technology

  • Library Automation In Library Research

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    coincidence, punched cards, and early computers developed during this phase failed due to the following reasons: 1. Computer technology at that time was inadequate. 2. Librarians were not sufficiently definitive in their requirements of the computer based system. 3. Computer people thought that they knew the librarians’ requirements of the computer based system. 4. It was thought that all the individual systems in a library should be simultaneously converted to computer based. (Tedd

  • Library Reflection

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    The library is the delivery room of birth ideas and philosophy that perpetually exists. It is like a garden bearing fruits of words for students who dedicate their time and knowledge in learning new aspects in life. However, in my school’s library; beyond the aisles of Shakespeare and Jose Rizal, to the left of the unused janitor closet, is an aisle full of lost and found things that is rarely visited by any of the student here, except Epicurus and I. We never saw each other and our identity is

  • Library Management System Research Paper

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    used to track items, orders made, bill paid and patrons who have borrowed. Ordinarily the librarians spend much time on rearranging the misplaced books. This system will reduce the amount of time taken by the librarian in rearranging. The position of the books on the shelf need to be appropriate or the books will be difficult to be found. The demerit of this system is that this is useful only for the librarians in searching and assisting them in arranging them back properly and the users are not benefitted

  • Library Consortium Case Study

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    Library Consortium in terms of Personnel In an article written by Pasek (2015), she presented a concept map for organizing and planning librarian liaison activities in the current academic environment in the United States. Topics discussed include the importance of campus collaboration, the need for librarians to participant in the departmental events and colloquium, and ways to increase visibility and communication with students. On the other side, Turner (2013) stated that changes in personnel

  • Library Management Models

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    Impact to society is important to measure because libraries are a public service and CEPs often train librarians, and this should affect the public in some way. Watkins, et al., go on to explain that in the Kirkpatrick model, the questions for assessment are developed at the end of the Program, but in the Kirkpatrick plus model, the questions are developed

  • Library Collection Development

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    collection. It is a written statement prepared to guide the librarian in relation to planning, budgeting, selection and purchase of informational materials for a library. It is an essential communication tool for managers of libraries, to ensure continuity and consistency in the development of collections, even with the change of managers at the level of direction and finances. Therefore, it is an essential planning tool for the librarian safeguard and protects the collections against any kind of

  • Book Review: Social Entrepreneurship For Dummies

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    Tolentino, Willem Christopher T. 4TE-2 ENTRE 21 SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP BOOK REPORT “SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP FOR DUMMIES” It’s funny how I chose this book because I was going to lend it from the library and the librarian told me that graduating students cannot borrow books anymore. So I took a picture of the title and found myself a PDF file of this book. At first I was hesitant to use this book as my book report for social entrepreneurship because it said “Social Entrepreneurship for Dummies”

  • Impact Of Information Technology In Library

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    1. TITTLE: UTILISATION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES IN PUBLIC LIBRARIES AT CITY OF JOBURG (COJ) MUNICIPALITY. 2. SUMMARY OF THE TOPIC With the invention of Information and Communication Technology, libraries now use various types of technologies to aid the services they render. Everyday new technological advances affect the way information is handled in libraries and information centers. The impacts of new technologies are felt by libraries in every aspect. Computing technology

  • Importance Of Library Collection

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    The library catalogue is the most basic and important tool to ascertain the resources available within the library on a specific topic, according to C.A. Cutter, “A library catalogue is a list of books which is arranged on some definite plan. As distinguished from a bibliography it is a list of books in some library or collection”. (Kumar and Riaz, 1999). The usability, availability, completeness on an up to date basis, to personalise, current and future size, format and productivity of the catalogue