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  • The Importance Of Privacy In Public Libraries

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    concepts of intellectual freedom and privacy are interwoven in public libraries and the information services they provide. Library users cannot take advantage of their intellectual freedom when their interests and other personal information is potentially being tracked and monitored. Recent confidentiality and privacy legislation has impacted the development, delivery, and management of information services. Because of these impacts, libraries may have to find compromise between offering the most valuable

  • Dbq Essay On Public Library

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    part of millions of lives. Libraries have been a crucial part of many communities, providing access to paper, and more recently, online resources. There are thousands of reasons why they are so important to have. Libraries provide online access, a popular attraction, and unlimited amounts of reading tools and resources to students. Over the past few decades, libraries have been changing with the digital times. In “Document D”, the author stresses the importance of libraries changing and how crucial

  • Bridgman Public Library: A Short Story

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    inside to get her fall jacket. She proceeded down the sidewalk as leaves twirled around her. She looked up at the letters on the building that read: Bridgman Public Library. Grasping the cold handle, she walked inside taking in the awe and amazement at the books that surrounded her. This was something done every time she entered the library. On her tiptoes, she slid her books up onto the counter for the librarian to check in. She went over to the junior section and ran her hand across the spines

  • Comparing Letter To Massachusetts Libraries Board Of Proposal For Berkley Public Library

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    Dear Massachusetts Libraries Board of Library Commissioners LSTA Review Board, I am writing to convey enthusiastic support for the Berkley Public Library’s proposal to Build Connections with Teens and Tweens. In our tiny town, the library has always served as the bridge between different populations in an isolated community. I am excited to hear about clever ways to provide programming for teens and tweens and turn them into community contributors. Through this grant, we will help a severely underserved

  • Compare And Contrast To The Central And Epps Public Library

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    and Epps Public Library, it was interesting, as well as, disturbing the big differences of the two libraries. One of the first differences that I observed was the first impression of the libraries. When you arrive at the Central Library, you are greeted by the wonderful art on the windows of the entrance. Upon your arrival at the Epps Library, there is no art on the windows. The art that is on the windows of the Central Library appeals to the eye of the children who come to visit the library. In my

  • The Cumberland Branch Of The Ottawa Public Library System

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    Libraries, whether physical or virtual, all share one common goal: to offer both the resources and services necessary to supply the proper information to their clientele through their collections. Public libraries are a pillar of most communities, big or small; providing information and resources for the average citizen, whether it be for education or leisure purposes. School, college, or university libraries are perfect for the students in their institutions, providing the resources necessary for

  • Annie Butler Papers

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    A. About Us: I enjoyed reading the history of how the library endured and advanced through the years to become what it is today. The efforts of Alice Dugged Cary and Annie L. McPheeters cannot be praised enough since their work was responsible for much of the core collection (the Negro History Collection). Ms. McPheeters was appointed assistant librarian in 1934, served two decades as the librarian before she retired in 1966 – a life dedicated to education. Also of interest to me is the

  • Special Education Personal Statement

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    I am applying to your master’s program in library science for the summer of 2016. After earning my undergraduate degree in elementary education and generic special education from Texas Woman’s University, I worked thirty-five years in public education system. I worked for Denton ISD and La Porte ISD, both of which are located in Texas. I have taught at both the elementary and secondary level. All of my teaching experience has been in the area of special education. I have taught in resource, self-contained

  • Comparing The Poisoning Of Minds And The Reading Of Books

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    of Books The Lord of The Rings, The Great Gatsby, To kill a Mockingbird and hundreds of other amazing and inspiring books are being challenged and banned from libraries the country over. Every year hundreds of reports are sent to the American Library Association (ALA) on attempts to ban or remove books from public libraries, school libraries, and class rooms. These attempts at banning books are also attempts at censorship, attempts to control what others can and can’t read. Censorship removes people’s

  • The Pros And Cons Of Banned Books

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    The books To Kill a Mockingbird, Animal Farm, Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl, and Fahrenheit 451 are staples in American literature education, but how would schools across the nation look if these books were suddenly banned? Unfortunately, this question has been all too familiar for many academic institutions in the United States of America due to a growing concern for a child’s exposure to “sensitive” materials. The issues raised with each book depend on personal standpoints on particular subjects

  • Veterans Favorite Childhood Memories

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    world audience is my community Columbia Falls . The product will be revealed when the books get sent in somewhere around( February 26 ) .The final product will be revealed to the audience by giving one copy to the Columbia Falls Public Library, one copy to my school library, one copy to Senora Koch and and one copy for my personal

  • Should Nancy Farmer's Books Be Banned?

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    lessons that high schoolers should know. Nancy Farmer's books may include some mature content but her award-winning books share messages that should be shared with high schoolers. There are several reasons people want books to be censored in school libraries. Thomas Riggs, an editor for Gale, explains the primary reason books are banned is because

  • A Part-Time Indian Book Report

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    Book challenging is an attempt by a person or group of people to have a book removed from a public library or school. Although the novel The Absolutely True Diary of A Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie does expose young teenagers to racism and describes sexual acts and have many other issues. It does not mean it has to be taken off of schools and library shelves because the book gives students a view of other people's lives and they can from that. In the year 2011 the Stockton school board in

  • The Importance Of Banning Books In Schools

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    and are being banned in libraries. Many librarians do not have the funds to keep all books in their libraries; therefore, some people think that the books that are left behind are being censored from the public. Since taxpayers are the people that keep libraries in business, they believe they should get to choose which books are banned and which ones are not. Opposing viewpoints suggest that libraries should keep any offensive books out of libraries without notifying the public. No form of censorship

  • How Does Reading And Writing Impact My Life

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    examples in my life where reading and writing was stronger than other parts of my life. The three examples are having my mother read to me when I was young. Being able to go through Elementary and High school without trouble with reading, going to the library, finally just being able to read in college was a challenge at first, but I overcame that. First, I liked how reading has impacted my life, and I have never really had troubles with reading, because my mother would always read to me the book called

  • Andrew Carnegie: The Destruction Of The American Dream

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    (Frost). After retiring (at a very young age) Carnegie’s self proclaimed calling was to dedicate his time and money towards the continued education of himself and the public. This almost obsession with the accumulation of knowledge, combined with his need to seem more likeable in the public eye, led to him founding numerous public libraries to encourage the spread of knowledge to everyone (Henle). Some say that Andrew Carnegie was not the hero that he pretended to be. The immense fortune he had amassed

  • Should Books Be Banned Essay

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    Books, Should We Ban Them Or Not: Banned books are books that have been taken out of public environments because of many different reasons. Books should not be banned simply because we have the rights to any books. Banned Books can teach important things about our history. Books that have been banned teach great morals/lesson even with the negative content. Banning Books infringes on people 's personal rights. Body Paragraphs (at least THREE) Books should not be banned because people have rights

  • Essay On Banning Books

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    Imagine if your favorite book had suddenly disappeared from your school's bookshelf, how would you feel? Well, all over the United States, books are getting banned from schools, churches, and libraries because they do not agree with what the book has to say. Public places should not be allowed to ban certain books in America, because they are essential to growing up and maturing, and enhance the reader’s imagination and thought process. Banning books should be illegal in America because books are

  • The Controversy Of Banned Books In Schools

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    The number 1 banned book from schools and libraries is ‘This One Summer'. The reason is because parents believed that it should be banned due to explicit content. That is wrong because of so many reasons. One reason is that reading of any kind improves social and mental abilities. Another being that parents shouldn't be able to control what other people read. It even gives the student a better understanding of the world. Reading really does improve life skills. Reading improves social and mental

  • Pros And Cons Of Benjamin Franklin

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    of the United States as a renowned diplomat that helped build our country’s allyship with France and a civic activist for public institutions. While seen as the original ‘self made man’ of America and the root of the concept know as the ‘American Dream’, others have become critical of Franklin over time. Some believe that while Franklin had good intentions in creating public institutions, that they were primarily made for his own personal gain. Yet when one looks at the moral values of the club Franklin