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  • The Public Library Movement

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    ‘Library movement is a struggle for library development.” Public Library Movement in India has been project of our National awaking like the Swadesi Movement. It was also the product of our cultural renaissance and the revival of our love for our culture and culture and heritage. The first Public Library was started for this purpose in 1886. The Gandhian movement made the public library movement an indispensable necessity to the people and became the spring board or the successful organization of

  • Public Libraries: Confidentiality And Privacy

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    concepts of intellectual freedom and privacy are interwoven in public libraries and the information services they provide. Library users cannot take advantage of their intellectual freedom when their interests and other personal information is potentially being tracked and monitored. Recent confidentiality and privacy legislation has impacted the development, delivery, and management of information services. Because of these impacts, libraries may have to find compromise between offering the most valuable

  • Bridges Bay Public Library Case Study

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    This case study presents an incident that occurred in Bridges Bay Public Library. The director of the library, Joseph Calenda, has to decide what should be done about the homeless people, standing in the lobby of the library. Calenda is the manager being graded on in this case study. Due to the cold weather, a group of homeless people stood in the lobby to stay warm. Many of the patrons visiting the library complained about their presence and the director convened a meeting with the department heads

  • The Public Library In India

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    Libraries were recognized very old in India. Whether its legend or history, as the story goes, the name of Vikrmadiyta is associated with Ujjain, who cultivated the muses and left a permanent imprint on the social and cultural tradition of India. A Public library is one that serves the entire population of a community. Everyone in the society, in spite of nationality, competition, shade, faith, grow old, sex, status, learning attainments, language or any such considerations has a claim to service

  • Should Books Be Banned Essay

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    Books, Should We Ban Them Or Not: Banned books are books that have been taken out of public environments because of many different reasons. Books should not be banned simply because we have the rights to any books. Banned Books can teach important things about our history. Books that have been banned teach great morals/lesson even with the negative content. Banning Books infringes on people 's personal rights. Body Paragraphs (at least THREE) Books should not be banned because people have rights

  • Informative Speech On Food Dyes

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    I. Artificial dyes are found in a majority of processed foods in America. Most of these synthetic dyes are made of or based off of petroleum, a crude oil. Since these dyes are mainly petroleum based they can cause serious health risks on people, especially those diagnosed with ADHD, attention deficit/hyperactive disorder. Because of these potential dangers, laws dating back to the 19th century have been passed, banning the addition of dyes and other harmful substances to foods. Through the years

  • Hospital Service Case Study

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    3.3 DEFINING THE PROBLEM In spite of the fact that the Government has initiated a number of quality initiative programmes in the public sector for officers working directly with members of the public, yet there is still a perception among members of the public who perceive that the public sector organizations offer a poor level of service quality to customers and that adequate efforts are not being made by Government to improve the level of service quality. However, the health care sector has a

  • Food Tourism Literature Review

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    2.1 Introduction In this chapter of the literature review will helps the researcher to better understand the subject matter of the research from sources reference such as books, journals, scholar articles, government publications, dissertation, websites and previous researches. This chapter will discuss the concept of tourist, food tourism, push and pull factor and in the food -related tourism. 2.2 Tourist Tourist means a person who travels to other places for pleasure. Television was the most

  • Little Women Characteristics

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    The Characteristics of a New Female Image from Little Women 一、 The Definition of a New Female Image In Little women, Louisa May shaped the new female image: independence in economy, education and family, as well as deconstructed the patriarchal theory, highlighted that female were no longer regarded as the second sex. 二、 The Analyze of a New Female Image in Little Women The feminine consciousness of independence The feminine consciousness of freedom and equality The feminine consciousness of possessing

  • Importance Of Culture In The Philippines

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    Due to its colonial past, the Philippines feature a culture, which is very unique and different than any other culture in Southeast Asia. It is an interesting mix of Western and Asian cultures. Spanish influences are highly noticed with Spanish sounding names, streets and towns and the popular barrio fiestas. The common use of the English language, the ready acceptance of American pop cultural trends and the country’s love for basketball are examples of the American impact on its society. Filipino

  • Importance Of Health Literacy Essay

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    strengthens the individuals’ ability to select the right information and take proper decision over their health thereby enabling them to control over their health. For effective health literacy, delivering quality information to the public on healthcare and make public to comprehend the information is very much essential. In Manipur, high quality medical care that is very expensive and also in need of good transportations, can be accessed by only a few rich people as majority of the people in Manipur

  • Sandra Cisneros Vignette Louie, His Cousin And His Other Feet (1991)

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    In Sandra Cisneros vignette Louie, His Cousin & His Other Cousin (1991), Sandra Cisneros is trying to express the fact that sometimes criminals do not have bad intentions when they commit crimes. Sandra supports her view by describing Louie’s cousin with details that are not normally characteristics of an actual thief. Sandra’s purpose is to challenge the assumptions that people have for criminals. People who would benefit from this story are those who continue to make assumptions about others when

  • Social Norm Theory

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    Social Norms Theory Intervention (Background) An analysis of Perkins and Berkowitz (1986) showed their approach using social norms theory worked in reducing binge drinking. Social norm theory would suggest that students consume alcohol in college and university in attempts to “fit in” (Perkins & Berkowitz, 1986). Many students have misperceptions on the drinking norms among their peers, but will use this perception to guide their behaviours and attitude towards drinking (Glider et. al, 2001). There

  • How Did Alexander Graham Bell Impact Society

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    Our world has been shaped by the people who have come before us and made a change. All of these people have had their own force of impact, but only one hundred were voted into the top one hundred list in the Atlantic addition of “They made America”. On this list I found people I had never even heard of, but also people who truly have impacted the world we live in today. Some examples of figures who are on the list include: number one, Abraham Lincoln, number eight, Martin Luther King Jr., number

  • Should Prayer Be Allowed In School Essay

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    controversial. Prayer should be allowed in school because not everyone can afford to pay the pricey fees of religious schools. Religious schools are very expensive. The average price for a private religious school is $13,000. The estimated average price of a public high school is $10,000; that’s a 3,000 dollar difference which a lot of people don’t have. If everyone was able to pay for religious schools, than this wouldn’t be a problem because we can pray freely at a religious school. Another issue is that

  • Primary Health Care Malaysia Case Study

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    factors are predictive of a certain health-related habit through primary health care was heighten by discussion in this essay. Primary Health Care Public health is an art and a science delegated with the responsibility of preventing disease thereby prolonging life of an individual and promoting the health through different health organizations, societies, public, and private Beigbeder, Y. (2006). Primary health care, as defined by the Alma Ata Declaration is, “essential health care based

  • Mother Tongue By Amy Tan Analysis

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    Amy Tan is a writer who is fascinated by language in daily life. Amy starts aware of the different English she does use. It is a speech about her book and she had already given to half a dozen groups of people. But the main difference is her mother is there too. She realizes that it is perhaps the first time her mother had heard her give a lengthy speech using the Standard English that she learned at school and through books. A kind of English she had never used with her mother. Amy realizes

  • Private Space Essay

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    topic Private Spaces in Public Spaces: Indian Sidewalks Public and private are social constructs that manifest in built world. Streets and sidewalks have always been thought as public spaces. However, Indian sidewalks ( or footpaths, as they are called in India) constitute many social practices that can be considered as private activities. I propose that these activities create pockets of private spaces, temporal or permanent, on sidewalks which are primarily public spaces. Indian sidewalks represent

  • Injustice In The Scottsboro Trials

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    Although the Scottsboro trials was not a pivotal event in Black American history, it was an occasion which highlighted the severe injustice of the American legal system and prejudice that black Americans lived in. From 25th March 1931 when 9 black men allegedly gang raped two white girls on the Railroad from Chattanooga to Memphis, a numerous amount of trials, reversals and retrials occurred, the most in American history. Over the course of two decades the ‘Scottsboro boys’ were made celebrities

  • General Reflection About Globalization In Education

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    Globalization in education Introduction: Education is much more equally spread in the world today, than ever before. Even people in the poorest parts of the world now has a chance to get education, this was not the case just a few years ago. Globalization has contributed a lot to making this a realistic situation. Because of globalization, students now have many education-options, such as taking exams and getting an education online, or you can study in another country after high school etc. In addition