Classification Essay: A Hockey Player's Success

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There is a defining silence as I hold my breath in anticipation, the buzzer sounds, breaking the silence as the crowd erupts. Sticks, helmets, and gloves scatter the ice as jump on the glass to celebrate with their teammates. They have done it, the Little Falls Flyers are going to the state tournament. This is the scene I witnessed during my brothers junior year of high school; his hockey team won the section and had advanced to the state hockey tournament. Because it is every hockey players dream to make it to the state tournament, I committed this triumph to memory. I watched the team as they celebrated their victory with the fans. I watched the players hug each other and cry with tears of joy. "So that 's what it would feel like to go to the state tournament," I heard myself say. As they continued to celebrate, I sat there wondering about the team and what kind of players contributed to their success. A section roster has eighteen skaters and …show more content…

This type of skater is the hardworking teammate willing to go out on the ice every shift and give the team their best. These types of players tend to play mean and physical in order to get the puck. They lead by example and are often captains of the team because they always put the team before themselves. Generally their skill and hard work are what makes these players successful. These are the kids that truly make a team better, they are unselfish and, like to share the puck. Weightlifting, practice, and shooting pucks are just another part of an ordinary day for them. College hockey is a attainable goal for these feisty, hard working athletes. On our hockey team, we have multiple people I would consider feisty hockey players. Occasionally we play teams like St. Cloud Apollo, who have a majority of extremely feisty players. Those are the types of players on their team were influential to their in making it to the state tournament last

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