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  • National Hockey League

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    Since the Original Six, the National Hockey League has exploded into a very competitive league. The game has changed dramatically with different styles of play and physicality. Since the Inaugural season of the NHL in 1917, the league has seen thousands of talented players but hockey is a team sport. Over the years, we have seen great players and teams, but with team play some teams are lucky and possess a gift. The gift is two players that share chemistry and dominance. Teams who wins usually have

  • Sexual Abuse In Theo Fleury's Playing With Fire

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    political National Hockey League (NHL), there are people involved with the association that suffers from mental illness and addictions. One of those people was Theo Fleury. Theo Fleury’s book takes you back in time to his dark childhood and bumpy National Hockey League career. Fleury certainly does not hold back in detail when it comes to the sexual abuse he experienced as a child, and the drug abuse as an adult. Though all this happens to him, he perseveres and attempts a National Hockey League comeback

  • Claude Lemieux Character Analysis

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    Games of hockey are often described as battles between teams, filled with physical contact, aggression, and determination. However, one violent hit that occurred in 1996 continues to affect teams to this day, over twenty years later. Many argue that the biggest factor in the situation was the effect of the player’s personality, specifically the widely-hated one of Claude Lemieux. In spring of 1996, the Detroit Red Wings were playing the Colorado Avalanche in the National Hockey League’s Western Conference

  • New York Rangers Website: J. P. Morgan And Chase

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    of the page, it states “Presented by Chase,” which also shows how the Blueshirts home arena, Madison Square Garden (MSG) has a partnership with Chase. Further down the on page, in the Junior Rangers section, there is an advertisement for “Girls try Hockey Free for the Weekend.” Part of this title is from Dunkin Donuts, another partner for the

  • Chicago Blackhawks Research Papers

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    that it was going to be the start to a new era of Chicago hockey. Little did anyone know, it would be 49 years until the Blackhawks would bring home another Stanley Cup. The 1961 Blackhawks were said to have a lot in common with the 2010 blackhawks. Each team had a young new player that would lead their team to a

  • Plus Minus Case Study

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    Individual player plus-minus is a horrible statistic. You may have heard similar sentiments before, but most of these statements usually come without a decent explanation as to why plus-minus actually sucks. Well, look no further! Plus-minus is essentially an individual player 's on-ice goal differential. If a player is on the ice during a goal-for, they receive a plus 1. If they are on the ice during a goal-against, they receive a minus 1. This stat has special place in the hearts of many

  • Summary: The Boudreau Blowup

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    Bruce Boudreau, had something to talk about with his team. He was unhappy with the performance of his players, more specifically the look of defeat that overcame his top guys. What followed would be one of the most inspirational speeches the National Hockey League has ever seen. After a brief moment consisting of yelling, undeviating F-bombs and frustration, Boudreau’s argument had been heard loud and clear by his

  • Cirque Du Soleil History

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    The Cirque du Soleil is a Canadian entertainment company, which according to critics and the public is considered one of the best all around the world. This amazing company, which was initially driven by street artists, has managed to become its art work in a unique show resulting in a 350 million dollars business yearly. As several specialized publications report, artists of the Cirque du Soleil explode very efficiently their habilities to perform an extra-class quality show. As experts state, although

  • Thrasher Magazine Analysis

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    In January 1981, a group of San Francisco skateboarders put together the first issue of Thrasher magazine. Today, Thrasher is bigger and better than ever its name synonymous with both skateboarding 's roots and constant evolution. Marking Thrasher 's anniversary, this jam-packed retrospective recounts skateboarding 's twists and turns of the last two decades and offers a glimpse at its thriving future. New and old school skaters alike will love Thrasher: Skate and Destroy. Not only does it cover

  • Matthew Dellavedova Research Paper

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    Who is Matthew Dellavedova? He is a 6’4” shooting guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers. A break-out star of the NBA Finals last season, Dellavedova came off the bench for the injured Kyrie Irving after Game 1 of the Finals. Some people believe that Matthew Dellavedova should continue to start after his performance during the Finals Series. He did have the games of his life during this time. Dellavedova held the NBA MVP Stephen Curry to an average of 10.1 points per 100 possessions compared to the 20

  • Washington Capitals Case Study

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    With the start of the Stanley Cup playoffs just a day away, matchups on both sides of the league are officially set. Last week, we took a look at what the Western Conference may bring. This week, let's preview the Eastern Conference. The Washington Capitals are the President's Trophy winners (again), meaning they notched the most points out of any team in the league and will hold home-ice advantage through the duration of their playoff run. They will face off against the upstart Toronto Maple Leafs

  • When Should The Raptors Finish The Best Record Essay

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    The Raptors will finish the 2017-18 regular season with the best record in the Eastern Conference. No, this is not a claim that the Raptors are better than the Celtics or the Cavaliers. No, this is not a prediction that the Raptors will represent the East in the NBA Finals. No, this is not a biased opinion of a Torontonian who has loved and followed the team from day 1. This is a proclamation that the Toronto Raptors, as currently constructed, with what lies ahead until mid-April, are in the best

  • Sport Law Midterm: Sports Law Case

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    happen that night Sarah Smith got struck in the head with a hockey puck. But given what we do know, there is no way that Sarah’s estate can bring a claim against the Blue’s organization for hiring Kyle Albert. It was clearly an accident, there was no way Albert had intentionally deflected the puck into the stands to purposely hit Sarah. On the other hand, Sarah’s estate can bring a claim to the Blue’s organization for owning the hockey arena because it obviously wasn’t a safe area for fans to be

  • Lucinda Grubb Essay

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    World known business owner, Lucinda Grubb has created a chain of innovation hubs called, The KMR, across Canada and the US specifically tailored for university students interested in starting their own business. Though Grubb, now owns the successful business, Decco Inc, with 500 offices opened up across the world; she struggled as a young entrepreneur to persuade investors to fund her idea and had a limited access to resources and advice. Since Grubb, has first hand experience on just how difficult

  • Persuasive Speech On Golden State Warriors

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    of the best teams in the league. The first one is statistics and rankings, the second is the opinion of others The Toronto Raptors have quietly been sneaking up on the other teams. They have gone from a team who almost everyone thinking they had no chance to being the third team in the entire league, and number one in the east. They're stats and rankings this year have been phenomenal. And that is my first reason why the Raptors are ones of the best teams in the league. They are averaging a +7

  • Personal Narrative: My Blues Vs. Blackhawks Program

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    I do not remember my first time watching a televised hockey game or my first time going to watch the Blues at Scottrade Center, but I do know that I was hooked. My dad used to to purchase three tickets from a lady at his work to one Blues game a year. She was a season ticket holder and every season she upgraded her seats one row closer to the ice. When I went to my first game, where we sat, who St. Louis played against, or who won are all beyond my recollection, nevertheless I know that whatever

  • Maple Leaf Sports And Entertainment Case Analysis

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    CURRENT COMPETITIVE SITUATION The Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment’s mission statement is to “Excite every fan: objectives provide world class service to its fans” (_____). The Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment company competes in a very competitive market thus a strong business strategy must be implemented. MLSE takes care of its fans by providing fans with numerous opportunities to be a part of the experience and never fails to respond to challenges in a timely fashion. MLSE has kept up with

  • Chicago Blackhawks Logos

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    The NCAA, National Collegiate Athletic Association, declared 10 years ago that using native imagery to promote sports teams is hostile and offensive and put 18 schools on a notice that a change would be required to participate in the NCAA. The Washington Redskins also

  • Ice Hockey Research Paper

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    Most people who watch Ice Hockey live in North America, Europe, and North Western Asia. The greatest experience for a hockey fan is cheering for their respected countries. Every country who has an Ice hockey team has die hard ice hockey fans who live for Ice hockey. The countries with the most ice hockey supporters are Canada, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic, and the United States of America. Ice hockey can unite countries, and bring people together. In Africa, there are only a few countries

  • Sydney Crosby's Speech: Why Hockey Is A Fast Exciting Sport

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    Max Woodlief English 6 11/16/16 Hockey Speech Hockey is fast, exciting sport played by two teams trying to score in each others net. They play on a sheet of ice called a rink. Each team has six players on the ice, two wingers, two defensemen, one center, and one goalie. Hockey is a fast paced sport because players go across the ice hitting opponents, passing, juking, and shooting at the goal. On the ice players fight for the puck, a small rubber disk, and try to score in the opponents net. Players