Summary: The Boudreau Blowup

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The Boudreau Blowup It was a quiet and gloomy night at the Verizon Center, home of the Washington Capitals. The plan was to win the nights game and put an end to what would become the franchise’s longest losing streak since October of 2009. After 40 minutes, former head coach of the Capitals and present coach of the Minnesota Wild, Bruce Boudreau, had something to talk about with his team. He was unhappy with the performance of his players, more specifically the look of defeat that overcame his top guys. What followed would be one of the most inspirational speeches the National Hockey League has ever seen. After a brief moment consisting of yelling, undeviating F-bombs and frustration, Boudreau’s argument had been heard loud and clear by his …show more content…

Coming off a tough second round loss to the Pittsburg Penguins a year earlier, the Capitals and head coach Bruce Boudreau were out to make a name for themselves the following season. Players such as Alexander Ovechkin, and Niklas Bäckström were considered leaders both on and off the ice, thought of by many as crucial members of the team. However, that night Boudreau’s top guys and the rest of the team would play very sluggish. During the second intermission, he would give a speech that spoke to the hearts of his team, and hockey players around the country. This speech is significant because it speaks multitudes on the importance of striving to achieve a goal, something everyone must do in …show more content…

His style of speech and use of vocabulary is that of what generally inspires or motivates me. Unfortunately, Boudreau’s team lost that night 3-0 to the Florida Panthers. Even though it didn 't work on his players, it continues to inspire hundreds of thousands of people on youtube, including myself. He did a good job at not just directing the speech on his team, rather allowing the listener to have a wider perspective on why and how it inspires or motivates them. Although Bruce Boudreau doesn 't know it, he could be cast for an inspirational film any day now if he continues to make speeches like

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