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Persuasive Essay

Hockey is a game that has been around for many generations, there is nothing more special than the game of hockey. On March 3, 1875, the first organized indoor game was played at Montreal's Victoria Skating Rink between two nine-player teams, including James Creighton and several McGill University students. Hockey is a very special sport that is ranked one of the most popular sports in the world.

Hockey is a game that has made a huge impacted in my life and many other people's lives, it is a special game that can be played in many places. Ice Hockey is the most popular, but there are also many different types of hockey. Roller hockey and floor hockey are also really popular in the summer and spring. There are many leagues for hockey, in the winter there are numerous leagues with various levels based on your skill. Coaches are good at advancing players to the next level, coaches have usually played the game themselves so they can provide players with a lot of hockey knowledge to make them better players. Being on a team of any type is special but being on a hockey team is even better. Being on a hockey team is very special …show more content…

My goal is to go to an american university on a hockey scholarship, and I’m trying my best in school and hockey to achieve this goal of mine. Most hockey players take the university route instead of any other routes because there is more competition in university hockey and if hockey doesn’t work out for them they have a backup plan because of their education. Most hockey players that do go to university on a hockey scholarship have to have at least an 80 grade percent average and have to score really high on a S.I.T test, which is a test that you have to take to get into an american school. Education is really important and hockey is one of the few sport’s that can help you with

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