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Playing Tennis: How to Deal with Nerves

Whenever you step on a competitive tennis match, it’s not surprising if you get cold feet. After all, we’re sure that even the top tennis stars still feel nervous especially when they play against their strongest rivals in a highly anticipated match. They feel it, but unlike you, they have learned to overcome the jitters and go over the hump to play to their abilities.

Remember, even if you’re a talented player with a ton of potential, you can’t fully unlock what you’re capable of if you have not learned how to deal with your nerves. It’s all in the mind: being skittish or composed all relies on what your approach is to the sport. We’ll talk about the ways on how to deal with this. Doing so might …show more content…

Eating the right diet.
Getting enough sleep.
Maintaining your gear (shoes, racquets)
Giving your all during training.

Remember, unpreparedness is always the worst adversary of success. Being prepared and doing enough during training will allow you to have the proper mindset - after all, you have done everything you can to prepare for the big day, so why should you be nervous?

Moreover, it’s important to only take care of things you can control, like the ones mentioned earlier. Of course, you can’t control who your opponent is and what he will do on the court. All you can do is prepare, follow the gameplan, and play your heart out. Recently, a superstar Roger Federer was upset by teenage Alexander Zverev - and you can too, by getting rid of your nerves and doing everything you can.

Play against stronger competition

Constantly play against stronger competition and players with different styles. Over time, you will improve your style of play and at the same time, learn a tip or two. If you are bested constantly by better players, don’t dwell on the losses and lose your confidence. Instead, dwell on the lessons and listen to what your coach has to say. Bear in mind that the best players quickly move on after a setback. They watch footage of their losses and do what can be done so they won’t end up losing

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