Mental Game Of Golf Essay

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Understanding the mental game of golf is crucial to being competitive. If you 're serious about competing in the game of golf, you need to understand, that without a good mental game, you have no game. Regardless of the physical ability you may possess, if your mental game isn 't up to par, you are going to have a hard time competing at high levels in this sport. Focus and mental stamina and know-how are key components in any winner 's arsenal.

Some of the best golfers ever have argued that the mental game is the most important. They put it above any physical ability you may have. They claim that if you have a better mental game, it can actually make up for any lack in your physical game. And if your physical game is strong, it can be …show more content…

There are some who have a problem with anger. I dare say the John McEnroe wouldn 't have been a great golfer, unless he somehow mastered his temper. If you have an anger problem, then it only takes a few consecutive bad shots or distractions to get your game off course and on to self-destruct. Cooler heads always have the better go of it in a game of mental toughness. For high level competition, it 's absolutely crucial that you get anger out of the way.

A positive attitude throughout the match is an asset that can 't be overstated. The proper attitude will allow you to implement all the other things you 've learned. It enables you to keep that positive focus in the face of negative circumstances. A calm relaxed focus is what you want, not a focus that feels too pressured. You 've heard those players that say, "I thrive on pressure". Well, I wouldn 't put much store in that. They 're probably just practicing positive confession to help them with their own mental attitude toward it.

Learning the mental game of golf can be a very challenging experience. But it can be rewarding as well. Especially when you begin to see your game improving as you get better and better at it. The mental game and the physical game must be integrated, like two legs of a man, you need them both. So enjoy your game, master the mind, and maintain

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