Personal Essay About Golf

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I began to take golf lessons in the 5th grade. At the time, I stereotyped all golfers as rich and lazy people with too much time on their hands, respecting them the least of all sportsmen. It was the cop-out sport that did not require much effort or physical ability, played by pretentious folk who wanted to appear sportsy without putting in the effort. Simply put, the game was unprofessional. Some of these convictions were based on my knowledge that it was one of the only sports in which players hit a stationary ball and walk, while some even had the audacity to smoke, drink, or drive golf carts during play. Furthermore, it is not a contact sport, and does not call for stellar reflexes such as jumping, dodging or catching. To add insult to …show more content…

However, they also offered tasty free sub sandwiches that kept me coming back. Over time, I became more familiar with the experienced golfers, who I initially looked upon with disdain and didn’t think I will ever understand, because not only did they think it was good fun, but also a sport, to hit a little stationary ball around with a stick- alone. However, despite my stubborn views, I came to understand that nothing about them was lax. They spent countless hours on the range, drilling their swings, practicing multiple shots with different clubs. Not only did they practice to keep a consistent swing that would deliver on the course, but also practiced shaping shots to face the potentially difficult situations they might find themselves in on the course. This could mean having nine different types of shots to practice, using only one club and spending two hours on the driving range practicing one of these shots. The game required foresight, preparation, and good decision making skills. They studied the rules tediously in order to give themselves the best chance on the

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