Claims Adjuster Skills

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The career I researched was a Claims Adjusters, Appraisers, Examiners, and Investigators. To be a claims adjuster there are certain skills you need, to be successful. Analytical skills which is the ability to collect, gather, visualize information in details. This is an important skill to be an Adjuster because you must evaluate situations carefully, and use that information to make accurate decisions. Another important skill is communication. When you are in the position of an adjustor you basically get information from both sides of the accident, or innocent bystanders. To get certain information from people you have to know how to ask questions. Next skill that is very important is being detail oriented, if you are not very good with this skill you will have a hard time surviving in this career field. …show more content…

Then there 're interpersonal skills which is a way to interact with people and also to get the job done. Many time adjusters show up to a situation and the claimants are very upset about what happened. You have to be patient but also do what you came to do, which is work. Lastly a very handy skill to have is math skills. Overall adjusters are there to make a decisions and determine how much something cost or the amount someone has to pay. Knowing that, appraisers have to know how to calculate property damage. With these skills, day to day duties include investigation, evaluation, and settle insurance claims. Determining whether an insurance policy covers the loss claimed. Deciding the appropriate amount the insurance company should pay. Ensure the claims are not fake. Contacting claimants’ doctors or other factors to get information. Discuss with legal counsel on claims. Decide on a settlement. And lastly authorize

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