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In today’s world where the survival of the fittest is the norm, it has become critical to sharpen soft skills along with hard skills. Soft skills play a vital role in the success of an organization and therefore, their significance cannot be overlooked in this age of information and technology. Considering the fact that during the last decades, the role of soft skills for a successful career has increased notably, it is of high importance to acquire adequate soft skills beyond technical knowledge and expertise.
There is infinite growth in well-paying job opportunities due to liberalization, privatization and globalization. However, an infinite number of fresh graduates are produced every year, but there is a lack of employable graduates since …show more content…

Intelligence Quotient. These skills are easy to teach, recognize, and measure by taking test or examination. Hard skills are the specific skills that are used on specific jobs. Some examples of hard skills are technical expertise, degrees, certifications, job titles and so on.
The word soft skill is a socio-psychological term referring EQ i.e. Emotional Intelligence Quotient of a person. These skills are also known as interpersonal skills, life skills, people skills, employable skills and behavioral skills. Soft skills include communication skills, emotional intelligence skills, problem solving skill, stress management skill, negotiation skill, time management skill, team building skill, leadership skill and so on. Study suggests that hard skills contribute only 15% in one’s success while remaining 85% success is ensured by soft skills.
Soft skills are what complement hard skills and help the organization achieve organizational goals. Developing soft skills can prove to be a boon for successful career. These skills are essential for everyone to create healthy and meaningful relationship at workplace, to increase productivity, to work effectively and efficiently and to “fit in” at the

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