Unit 7 P4 Business

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Skills that I have contributing business

IT skills
This IT skill that I have means I can work on the computers much more easily and effectively. It will save a lot of time. I can work with many different Microsoft software’s such as Microsoft Office, excel, PowerPoint and so on. This way I can simply write up reports, documents and working on the finance by creating cash flows. Furthermore, having the skills to work with Microsoft software’s allows me to work in the finance part of the business.

Organisation skills

This Organisation skill that I have means that I am very organised with everything. I organise my table and papers and anything on the desk. I make sure the surface of where I will be working on is clean and well organised …show more content…

If there are any problems, it is vital to take immediate action.

Team working skills

Team working skills are always crucial in any kind of business.
I have a strong team working skills I can work with everyone without a problem. This helps me and the team to come up with some new ideas to the business. Also this means that the finance area of the business is done properly. Furthermore, having a strong team working skills allows the work flow go smoothly and effectively.

Time management skills

This part of the business is very important as it helps the business to run successfully. Time management helps you to plan on how much you going to spend on an activity, so you will not miss on anything important on the business.

Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skill is when you are able to interact with others and have a conversation without any issues. Also being able to get along with other team members. This is very helpful in business because you can share ideas to each other which makes the business run much more smoothly and successfully. Having a great interpersonal skill allows me help other people if they are in need of

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