My Quality World Essay

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My quality world entails several aspects of what I dream of. College being the first step into the real world is a crucial necessity for my success. In order to have a successful life in my book, I need to acquire the education I want for my careers. It’s important that I learn study skills in college that I will use in real life, such as: organization, time management, networking, asking the right questions and empathy.
Time management allows me to use my time effectively or productively, whether I’m at work, home, or school. I won’t be stressed out multi-tasking between my agendas, as long as I keep the day planned on a planner marking my tasks in order accordingly.
Networking is the best way to get connected to people. Staying connected will help me tremendously, by getting help …show more content…

Moving into the real world (workforce) I will feel these same emotions once again during stressful and busy times, and people will need my empathy. Knowing this I will be able to be empathetic toward situations at hand, allowing myself and my peers to collaborate in a more operative manner.
What really drives me to “my quality world” and a “life of success” are the multiple careers I dream of. Computer network engineering, audio engineering, ministering the gospel, and photography. I strive to make audio engineering and photography my hobbies, and keep Computer network engineering as my main goal when I’m done with college, with that being one of my goals I will be able to have a steady income and provide for myself. As life goes on I will be ministering the gospel, and set a long term goal to pastor over a church one day.
As I dream of my life of success, I would also like to have a partner who is well spoken, smart, funny, good at math, and dreams big. I want her to support me and my decisions as well as I will do for

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