Importance Of Time Management In The Military

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Time management in the military Eddie White DI Page Time management in the military Time management is very important as any organization or individual who want to achieve his/her goals must strictly observe time. Time management requires someone to prioritize some tasks in some way; one should label some tasks as more imp01iant than others. The key factor in effective time management is usually accuracy because when you have accurate model of reality you are in a position to determine which task is more important than other. You can only realize the real gains in time management at the top but not at the bottom. Inaccurate understanding of reality can make your missions, goals and your projects to be meaningless…show more content…
Since 1988 there has been a timeline technique that has been tested by individuals and numerous agencies on how to manage time in the military. In decision making time management is of great importance as this helps in planning, use of army 's 1/3-2/3 rule assists in deciding the synopsis of the deficiencies and recommendations for unit 's improvement and execution of military decision-making process (Wallace, J. Jr,1972). It is of paramount important for someone to know which project is most beneficial to him so as to enable you prioritize your time. The following information that is used in the military will help you to know which projects to start with and their imp01iance. Goal achievements in the military are achieved by inflicting the greatest damage on their enemy by using very…show more content…
However, if they don 't prioritize on what will they should first do, they will find themselves defeated and losing great part of the battle. To prioritize intelligently it is necessary to evaluate which projects will mostly assist us achieve our target objectives and goal set. In military they follow the following procedure: CARVER. This is a key component strategy that military use to attack their most wanted target. They are in a position to know that the target he has selected is the most important by using CARVER acronym which stands for Criticality, Accessibility, Return (or Recuperability), Vulnerability, Effect, and Recognizability. CARVER matrix method helps the military to know whether they have the right target by summing the six CARVER values. The higher the CARVER score the more the impmiant a target becomes. Six CARVER factors applied in time management Criticality-by knowing the nature of the target with respect to main objective, the military can be in a position to know whether they are close or far towards achieving their goals. Accessibility-determine whether you are in a position to get your target. Military always have means into which they will tackle the project in hand immediately. Return- In military recuperability is used and this means how quick the enemy can recover
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