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Drew Wallen: Arguably the greatest person to ever grace the face of Auburn, Washington. A friend to all, he’s funny, athletic, and a well-rounded individual. Most of these traits contributed to him becoming senior President of Auburn Riverside High School. He has continued on in football after being a standout wide receiver his senior year in high school and receiving a scholarship to Central Washington University. While there he is hoping to major in broadcast journalism. Drew Wallen has improved everyone’s life who he has ever come in contact with and will continue to do great things throughout college. Drew is currently attending Central Washington University (CWU) as a member of the school’s football team, the Wildcats. He signed his letter …show more content…

He believes that a college education is extremely valuable. “Yes. 100%. Absolutely. I wouldn’t be able to compete in the modern world without one,” he remarked affirmatively. But being as he has only been through two years of college he has not had a life-changing moment yet. “I feel like the same person I was when I came into college,” he said, “Other than the beard. The beard’s new,” he added, jokingly. Drew’s beard can be interpreted as a sign of manliness being as he hadn’t grown one until college. But instead of changing his entire life due to college, he just eased into adopting the new maturity required of him at CWU (and grew a beard). Drew will probably just continue to gradually change and never truly have a life-changing moment that defines who he is because he’s extremely adaptive and will live like he wants and if he does have a coming of age moment in his future it will only change him for the better. Drew will continue to do great things. Whether it’s playing football or color commentating it, he’ll be amazing in whatever field he chooses because of his athleticism and kind disposition. Drew has made it clear that if you’re kind to everyone and do your best you’re only setting yourself up for

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