Nt1330 Unit 5 Essay

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This can help delete all the malware or malicious content on the computer’s system. This can be the only way to save a computer at times, for example if the memory storage has been filled up with worms that keep copying themselves until the system stops responding. If this is the case then deleting everything can be the easiest way to stop. Other times, the malware is not visible to the user allowing it to travel through the system’s hard drive and damage the files. It can also be disguised as useful files. Other, methods such as anti-virus software can detect threats but do not always remove them successfully.
It is also necessary to do disk formatting when changing the operating system. For example updating from Windows 7 to Windows 10. This makes it work with only the files that it needs.
It deletes many files that are built up over the years that are not needed. …show more content…

However, FAT32 is read/write compatible with many operating systems such as DOS, Mac OS X, UNIX and Windows. NTFS is read/write compatible with Windows and Mac OS X but it needs a third party software such as Paragon NTFS to write to a NTFS volume on Mac. NTFS is therefore only semi compatible with Mac OS X. It is also not very effective on Linux which needs the NTFS-3G driver support to fully load pages with NTFS.
File Size
File size for FAT32 has a maximum of 4GB and a volume capacity at 2TB, this results in being limited to only 2TB FAT32 partitions even if the user has a 4TB drive. Plus, there is no compression from high definition movie files where some can even take up 30GBs of storage. This is a problem because FAT32 only supports 4GB file sizes. In practice NTFS has a 2 to 4TB volume size, larger volumes need a 64-bit operating system and the appropriate hardware that is compatible with it. Although, theoretically NTFS has 16EB or Exabytes. 1EB is equivalent to 1billionGB.

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