Nt1310 Unit 5 Assignment 5

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I used the guide to do the initial setup for each phone. I was able to achieve full connectivity using Free PBX and asterisk 13. For asterisk 13 there is an option to use PJSIP extensions over CHANSIP extensions. I chose to use PJSIP over CHANSIP is because PJ has a smaller connection and is overall more reliable than CHAN in asterisk 13. I learned that from trial and error with some troubleshooting in-between. CHAN extensions never linked all the info so I would remake the extensions and have the same results. I decided to the just try my luck with PJ and it worked right away. The same setup was used to the softphone with the extensions and then linked the same setup on the X-lite application itself. The one issue that came up while setting up the lines was that asterisk 13 doesn’t use the same port for PJSIP as it does for CHANSIP. CHANSIP uses ort 5060 and PJ uses 5061, I had to do some research in order to find that out. I believe that was the problem when I tried to use a CHANSIP extension. Asterisk 13 and up for some reason changed the port number, during my searches there isn’t really a reason why the port is changed on a PJSIP extension just that it is. As I stated before the configuration setup for the X-lite was very simple. But setting up the Polycom …show more content…

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