Google Mission Statement

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Google Inc. is a multinational company United States that berkekhususan on Internet services and products. These products include computing, web search technology,software, and online advertising. Most of its profits came from AdWords.

Google is founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin as a Ph.d. student at Stanford University. They both hold a 16 percent stake in the company. They make Google as a privately held company on September 4, 1998. Its mission statement is "to gather information of the world and make it accessible and usable by all people," and not the official slogan is "Don't be evil". In 2006, Google moved its headquarters to Mountain View, California.

Since its inception, the rapid growth of the company has produced a variety
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In August 2007, Google is a search engine on the web is most often used with market share as much as 53,6%, then Yahoo! (19.9%) and Live Search (12.9%). [ 30] Google has billions of web pages, so that users can search for the information they desire, through the use of keywords and operators. Google has also been using technology Web searches on other search services, including image search, Google News, the price comparison site Google Product Search, interactive Usenet archive Google Groups, Google Maps and…show more content…
The browser isquite fast and minimalist appearance. In September 2008 Google releasing code toGoogle through the Chromium project, where until now Google Chrome still based on Chromium.
Google Chrome comes with a good security feature, where Google Chrome will commemorate users accessing sites that exist in the black list of Google. In addition, Google Chrome also differentiate the processes running on a single tab with the process on other tabs, thereby increasing the convenience of users, and to improve the reliability of Google Chrome.

Google Video-at the beginning of 2006, the company launched Google Video, which not only allows users to search and view videos for free, but also allows users andmedia workers spread their content, including television shows on CBS, NBA basketball game, and a music video. In August 2007, Google announced that it will discontinue its video sales and rental programs and offer refunds and credits Google Checkout for users who have purchased the video for themselves.

Google SMS-in October 2007, Google SMS service launched in India and allow users to obtain business listings, schedule of screenings and information by sending short
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