Nt1310 Unit 1 Test Paper

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Test this activity: logging into a web store, putting items into the shopping cart, and checking out including providing an address and paying . These are independent to each other to test and integrated linked one to other. Logging into a web store: · Verify that the login screen is having option to enter username and password with submit button and option of forgot password · Verify that user is able to login with valid username and password · Verify that user is not able to login with invalid username and password · Verify that validation message gets displayed in case user leaves username or password field as blank · Verify that validation message is displayed in case user exceeds the character limit of the user name and password fields · Verify that there is reset button to clear …show more content…

Remove some items from the cart – the cart should update showing the existing items in the cart, total price should reflect the new sum. Remove all items from the cart – cart balance should be zero, no items should be displayed in the cart. Click on an item in the cart – we should be able to see more information about the product we just clicked either as a popup or redirecting to product page. Checking out including providing an address and paying: Check different payment options If allowing check out as Guest, simply finish the purchase and provide an option to register at the end Returning customers – Login to check out User sign up If storing customer Credit card or any other financial information, perform security testing around this to make sure it is secure.(PCI compliance is a must) If the user is signed up for a long time, make sure the session is timed out or not. Every site has a different threshold. For some, it is 10 minutes. For some, it might be different. Emails/Text confirmation with the order number

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