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CanGo.Com CanGo is a new up and coming small business that growing by the minute. CanGo’s executives recently began to look into new ways to expand their already successful business. Selling new and used books has proven to be a great market for them, but they were looking into expanding their inventory to keep up with competitors,, Barnes & Nobles, and Book-a-million. CanGo’s CEO and visionary, Liz Blackman and senior leadership opened the company to Initial Public Offering to increase capital. So far, in almost 8 months the company is seeing business increase greatly; which is a win-win situation for the company and its stakeholders. CanGo is now in great position to expand their inventory. In addition to new and used books, CanGo is looking to start offering music downloads capabilities, magazines and more electronics such as IPad, tablet, and smartphones. CanGo will continue to use their Just-in-Time delivery (JIT) method. This process has proven to work well for the company …show more content…

More are now coming to the website to see what CanGo has to offer and purchase these items. Now a face of CanGo is no longer the CEO and team, but the website. This is where we come into our problem. In the midst of all the success behind the scenes at CanGo , there is still some improvement that needs to be made on the website. Such as, CanGo has received 10 complaints this month about the difficulties purchasing items. Under the current web design, customers are having difficulties with their baskets because it’s not easily visible. If the customer isn’t really paying attention, they can lose their basket because if a purchase is made within a certain timeframe, the system will empty it. Lastly, we want to update the security with credit card information. We want to make these updates, while at the same time give CanGo website a new fresh look and

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