Pest Analysis Of Argos

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1 Introduction Argos is an UK based home retail group. It is one of the largest companies of UK that have been running around 737 companies and they have around 340 million visitors of their websites as well. According to a study it has been found that they are covering about 90% of the population of United Kingdom within their 10miles of an Argos branch. As one of the largest company in UK Argos has a decent growth rate of 20%. They have more than 130million customer and around two third of the population have taken under their catalog. Argos is large retail company that acquires 170 types of products within. Argos have made the change in the online business by giving opportunity to their customer to buy and pay through online. Argos now have been planning to enter Indian market through their furniture product. A critical analysis on the micro and macro environment will be done on this company with marketing planning and possible risk analysis. 2 Environment Analysis for Argos 2.1 Macro Environmental Analysis In this segment we will discuss about the external forces of the company that are not controllable (Keegan and Keegan, 1989). PESTLE analysis will be an effective tool here to analyze the factors. 2.1.1 PESTLE Analysis PESTLE is a very effective macro environmental tool containing six important factor. Political Factors In India political factor is very vulnerable. Political factors, like changing government, political leaders and political issue directly

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