A Rhetorical Analysis Of The Shallows By Nicholas Carr

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The world is evolving at an alarming rate and the internet is at the center of this advancement. Nicholas Carr wrote the literary piece “ The Shallows” in which Carr explains his views on how the internet is hurting human beings rather than helping them. A few points that Carr goes into detail about, are how the internet is causing the attention span of average people to slowly decay. Carr also explains that due to the internet, people are tending to skim through what they are reading rather than reading the full text they are searching for the key points in each price of writing. Additionally Carr points out that the internet is causing relationships between people are becoming weaker due to the lack of face to face interactions between each other. The life of a human beings in today's world, usually revolves around social media, but this is damaging to the relationships between other …show more content…

Justin Dicharia is one such person. In his literary work “Snapchat is the social medium that can make social change” he goes on to explain why he believes social media is doing more good than bad. He claims that due to social media “people can maintain more relationships than ever before, and what has once been a small group of close-knit friends has expanded to a larger network”. (Snapchat) well yes it may be true that social media has allowed for more connections and more relationships with people, these relationships and a weaker than previous ones. Dicharia claims that the idea of “out of sight of mind” (Snapchat) is a thing of the past. However there is logic behind this old saying, if we focus on things far away then people lose focus on the things that right in front of them and tend to let them slip from their grasp. Social media is hurting people's relationships at an alarming rate and the cons out way the

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