The Circle By Dave Eggers: An Analysis

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The Circle by Dave Eggers which is a dystopian novel centered around the perils of the Internet; serves as a fair warning to recent and upcoming generations. When Mae Holland who is a main character landed a job working at The Circle she felt as though she just scored the opportunity of a lifetime. The Circle is the world 's biggest and most influential company, dealing with social media, technology, and all internet related activities. Social media can be a very useful tool, and way to pass time, but at the same time it can be an invasion of privacy. In the novel Mae was speaking about transparency; she said, “So what happens if I deprive anyone or everyone of something I know? aren 't I stealing from my fellow humans?” (Pg. 305) Going…show more content…
The circle being the entire internet, it is easy for them to know all information; in reality only select companies actually reveal your information. Going onto the internet and revealing any personal data is a bad idea because people could find out your name, address and even steal your identity. In the circle there is absolutely no privacy, according to the companies slogans, “all that happens must be known” and “secrets are lies, sharing is caring, privacy is theft”(McMillan). With today 's technology there are people who can hack your whole computer, and find out a lot about you and the information may potentially be harmful to you and your family. The dystopian novel The Circle serves as a warning to today 's society in many ways in which revolve around technology. The circle is the biggest most influential business in the novel; in today 's society there are companies like google, amazon, facebook. Although in today 's society people may feel as though they are protected, and no one can get there information, but thinking like that obviously is their first
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