Social Media Self Image Analysis

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When presented with all the distinct qualities that Social Media can provide individuals, ranging from apps that make long-distance communication easier to providing better entertainment methods, one can only stand and be mesmerized by it. However, all of its great aspects can stun its users from some of its negative impacts. Few realize that its constant use makes itself be integrated into an individual’s daily routine to a point where it becomes a crucial component in their lifestyle. The regular practice of using social media in one’s lifestyle recreates people’s current values of self-image being portrayed through media, forcing many to accept them and conform so they won’t be isolated.
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In the center of the image, stands a girl outline in gray holding a book titled book. Her outfit consists of jeans and a sweater, with short messy hair. Compared to her, all the other girls around her are outlined in pink with revealing clothing, no facial expression, long hair, breast showing, and at different stages of applying makeup. Moreover, while all the girls outline in pink have a barcode, the center girl had a label on her forehead that states “factory error”. In the first row, you can only see the top of outlined pink hair, the second row has the gray outline girl with pink outline girls on either side, the third row only had outlined pink girls, the fourth row shows pink outlined faces without any facial features and only a barcode on their forehead while the fifth row has pink outlined faceless …show more content…

Most of the time, there is always an element we must compromise to achieve the other. It all comes down to what we want versus what we truly need. Those who pursue the popular decision can become narrowly minded over time because they don’t consider ideas outside those that are presented. This causes them to more easily conform to re-shaped values the central group composes. This strive of becoming similar as possible to the ideal person presented through media methods such as ads and tv-shows, losing their authenticity in the process. Some of the consequences of enforcing social values are that individuals who oppose it can be socially isolated. Focusing our decisions on the present is great but one must also think of the future at the same time because the present construct and influences how the future will be while the past serves as a way to learn from our errors and reflect on

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