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Organized people are not born organized. They learned to cultivate healthy habits which helped them to stay organized. Eventually, reading this book will help you grasps tips to start being organized. It will prepare you to the big step. We all know that being organized and managing chaos and stress can be tough. In this chapter, we will give you key points that can help you with your difficulties. Here are 3 tips for you: Organizing yourself mentally – Try to organize yourself mentally. Everything starts in your mind. You can do this by: Determining why you lack organization – Ask yourself why do you feel cluttered. List down the things that are hampering you and make amendments. If you need to motivate yourself and stay determined, do it! …show more content…

Always remember that great things start from small beginnings. You can train yourself to do small tasks and then grow and take things step by step. To do this, here are some tips: 2.1) Find a place for everything – An organized place starts by having designated places for things. Keep track in every specific location in your home. It will help you find your items when you need them. 2.2) Declutter – Try to declutter space by space. To do this, first, find a day during the week that you have most of the time. The most preferred day is Saturday. After that, choose a single area in your place that is unorganized and needs cleaning. You can work it week by week and you will see improvements. Also, getting organizational storage containers, folders, and boxes to help your place be organized. You can buy items designated for organized storage from department store or even furniture stores. 2.3) Get rid of the things you don’t need – Sort the things you need and throw away your unnecessary things. Keep your emotions separate from the items you are sorting. Instead of feeling bad, you can ask yourself if you can donate it, or sell it. Then, process each pile accordingly. You can also hold a garage or yard sale to make some

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