Blue Ridge Humane Society

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People need to start spaying and neutering their pets pets. They need to stop because it is an overpopulation of domestic pets, and if they spay and neuter them, that would help a lot. Cats and dogs produce a good number of puppies and kittens. All of those is not going to get a home. This is why we need to spay and neuter our pets. In the Blue Ridge Humane Society, they will spay and neuter your pet for free. This is a no kill pet shelter, and they take animals that do not have a home, and takes good care of them until someone would like to adopt them. Unwanted and abused animals need help and that is when the Blue Ridge Humane Society takes care of them. People do not understand how many dogs, cats, and other animals there are that do …show more content…

A long time ago, animals played a huge role in people’s lives. For example, they would rely on animals for the things they needed, such as food, clothing, and transportation. People back then acted differently. In some societies people would worship animals as gods. At least, 12 - 14,000 years ago, people realized that if they took a baby wolf, they could train it, and it would be friendly when the wolf was full grown. That was basically when they realized they could have pets. After they trained the wolf, it would help out with hunting, guarding, and herding sheep. It was important for America to protect unwanted animals. In 1641, animals protection was put in the American Colonial Record when the Massachusetts General Court let its legal code, “Body of Liberties”. The Blue Ridge Humane Society is an extremely little and compact community. It was formed in 1950. In the 60s, The Blue Ridge Humane Society was inactive and reactivated in 1972. After that their thrift store formed, and they are making over half a million dollars on that a year. All of that money goes straight to the Blue Ridge Humane Society to pay for the dog’s medicine, specific food, kennels, cages, etc. As you can see there is a lot of history behind The Blue Ridge Humane …show more content…

This enables the pet to stay in it’s home instead of being given away because the medical treatment is too expensive. Through the community pet food pantry, The Blue Ridge Humane Society is able to feed around 200 local pets. Many people who has fallen on hard times will surrender their pets to shelters. People can avoid the stress and heartache by receiving food from the pantry. The Blue Ridge Humane Society 's top priority is educating local pet owners on the importance of spaying and neutering. Spaying and neutering is considered the kindest act an owner can provide for their pets. The Blue Ridge Humane Society filles so strongly about this they provide this service for free to any local resident. The Blue Ridge Humane Society operates only on donations and volunteering. There are many ways to raise money for this organization. A simple way would be to do a little cleaning. Clean out that closet. Get rid of items that are no longer of use. These can be donated to the Thrift Store. People can have a yard sale and donate the money raised. Anyone can volunteer their time. Go to the shelter and play in the cat room. Take an adoptable dog on a walk in the

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