An Honors Student Essay

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To be an honors student takes a lot of hard work. There are many factors that go into being a successful student. I believe that you must be determined, organized, and disciplined. These three qualities are the key to succeeding in your goals because I have used them all throughout my high school career, and plan to use them in college. Determination is the quality that makes you keep on trying, and to never give up, even if things get difficult. Having determination means that if you get assigned a really hard essay or project, that you will push yourself to do it, and do it well, until it is complete. After your school years, you are going to be assigned difficult tasks by your employer, but you cannot just give up. You have to keep on trying, because in the real world the consequences may be worse than getting a bad grade. Organization plays a key role in being an honors student, because if you’re not organized, things might get a little messy. A person needs to be able to know where things are and be on top of their work to be successful. If you cannot find the rubric for your essay, then you won’t be able to write the essay to the best of your ability. Organization does not just mean remembering where you put things though. It also means that you have lists and tools that help you to remember when to do things. Remembering when to do things leads to into …show more content…

It also means you have a concrete plan on how you will get things done. Someone who is disciplined won’t push off assignments till the last minute, so that they are able to do things thoroughly. You may think that this seems like a burden, but in actuality it makes things a lot easier. Waiting till the last minute to do things causes stress and can force you to get things done in a hurry and not do your best. It is quite clear that to be an honors student, you have to be on top of your work to be

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