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Reflecting upon the entirety of my academic career, I am astounded to consider the accolades bestowed upon me, some of which include ACT Plan Scholar, AP Scholar with Distinction, Socastee Junior Marshal and Scholars Academy Distinguished Junior, Erskine Fellow, Coker Scholar, Wofford Scholar, Presbyterian College Fellow, and a member of Phi Eta Sigma at Coastal Carolina University. Current club involvement includes the Scholars Academy chapter of the National Honor Society, engaging in various community service opportunities and school functions such as ice cream sales, open mic nights, and more; also a member of the Scholars Academy mathematics club and technology club, participating in mathematics competitions, technology fairs, and Rubik’s Cube solving …show more content…

As the digital signage manager at Scholars Academy, I manage the announcements and other information on the televisions located throughout the school. My Christian values are very important to me: I have ministered to elementary schoolers as a puppeteer at Vacation Bible School at my local church, I have been a committed member of Bible Study Fellowship for over a decade, and I support the worship service at my church through keyboarding alongside the band every Sunday morning. I consider music to be my overarching special talent: I am an electronic dance music producer named “c0nvexity;” I can play multiple instruments such as the piano, the guitar, the saxophone, and the clarinet; and I have played the baritone saxophone in the Socastee High School marching band through the entirety of my high school education. Overall, I have expressed characteristics of commitment, determination, compassion, and responsibility, and I will continue to convey these traits as I transition into

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