Jackie Robinson Essay On Determination And Determination

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My favorite quote from Jackie Robinson is, “above everything else, I hate to lose.” That perfectly sums up my attitude towards grades, and for me, any final grade below 90, is losing. Using determination and commitment, I was able to win, and not lose, in the first semester of my freshman year. It is hard for every kid to make the transition to high school classes, but coming from a small private school with about 250 kids to an enormous high school with almost 2000, I had no idea what to expect. After 3 years of hearing my older sister complain about horrible teachers, hard finals, and difficult SAT’s, I thought I was going to be far behind the other kids, but I was already committed to all A’s. I was still wondering how hard a class could be, even after I met new friends and nice teachers. Many people told me that honors …show more content…

Jackie Robinson was determined to play baseball with the Brooklyn Dodgers. He faced many forms of racism. He was yelled at by other teams, threatened by people, and yelled at by crowds. He was determined to play, so he continued to play, even though he faced this. I was determined to get all A’s, and even though I struggled sometimes, I was determined, just like Jackie Robinson was. Jackie Robinson also showed commitment. He was committed to the team, the sport, and his goal. He made a promise to himself and his coach that he would play on the Brooklyn Dodgers, and he went through with it. I made the promise of getting all A’s to myself, and I went through with it, just like Jackie Robinson did. Even though achieving my goal wasn’t as excruciating as how Jackie Robinson achieved his, I still faced hardships along the way. Using commitment and determination, I was able to get achieve my goal. Jackie Robinson and I both had to win, and we did because of commitment and

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