Stereotypes In The Film 'Freedom Writers'

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The movie “Freedom Writers” presents itself as a movie that challenges stereotypes and stigmas against students who come from stigmatized backgrounds. While the film addresses some problematic assumptions, it also exacerbates other stereotypes and misconceptions. The film “Freedom Writers” begins with the intention to disprove the idea that students from certain ethnic and racial backgrounds are “unteachable,” but the narrative of the movie contains many errors in the depiction of the students and the portrayal of the teacher.
The depiction of the students is problematic because the actors are much older than the age of the children they are expected to be portraying. The class could have been presented as a junior class or senior class with …show more content…

It shows the disadvantages that many students face in public schools, such as being placed in lower level classes where the students are considered notoriously rude and ignorant by the school administrators. The movie works to disprove the idea of the students being lazy by showing the hard work they put into their notebook and the passion they show when Miss Gruwell teaches them with an attitude that shows she believes they are just as capable of any other students. “Freedom Writers” addresses the problem of the structure of the education system, showing the viewers how the system makes it more likely for certain students to be left behind or left out of academic success. The movie “Freedom Writers” contains fatal flaws in its portrayal of the characters. The content is riddles with racist and classist connotations that reduce the efficacy of the movie’s attempt to seem like a progressive film. Despite its flaws, the movie does work to disprove some of the negative stereotypes surrounding students from urban backgrounds and demonstrates the major failures of the education system in order to provoke thought in the

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