Cyp 3.1 Explain The Importance Of Respecting

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Respect: Respect is something we all value greatly knowingly or unknowingly, we all hate to be disrespected, as it makes us feel worthless, harms our self-esteem and leads us to be less confident in a number of ways, and this is how children can be made to feel. As a teacher we must respect their feelings, thoughts and ideas even though they may be unusual or offensive as we would then look to find out why they hold those views and help them understand why it is/isn’t appropriate to share those views. Children with SEN may have trouble communicating their thoughts and feelings, as they may have speech and language issues, so it is important to respect the fact that this is the case and not become impatient or frustrated with them, as that is …show more content…

Because most SEN children are seen as ‘different’ they made be excluded from the games children play or if the children are asked to pair up in class or when doing P.E, they may be that last ones left without a partner – this damages their self-esteem and as a result they are less likely to forge positive relationships and fulfil a positive learning career. When working with SEN children it’s so important to have them participate where ever possible in order to improve their social skills so that they can advance their social development, as well as those of children without SEN as by working together they are benefiting each other in this respect. Fostering relationships Fostering means to promote the growth or to further the development of, in this case, relationships. There is a lot of cross-overs when it comes to the four main values of personalisation, and there is repetition, however this allows for a complete and well-rounded understanding of this

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