Argument Analysis: Green Lake County Board Meetings

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For my community meeting assignment, I attended a Green Lake County Board meeting. I have never attended this type of meeting before, and I found it to be quite interesting. I found this meeting posted on the Green Lake County website (see attached link for agenda in References). The meeting was about one and a half hours long. Physical Environment The structure of this County Board meeting was formal. It took place at the Green Lake County office in the Government Center room. The room reminded me of a courtroom. The physical environment demonstrated that the room was a hierarchy. The chair member running the meeting was at the head of the room, with the vice-chair member, while the rest of the district members were spread out at other tables…show more content…
This happened all within the first twenty minutes of the meeting. Then the meeting consisted of having a few presenters make an appearance, discussing UW Extension Community Resources, UWEX 4H, base wage adjustment compensation plan for county employees, life insurance, eliminating/creating positions, rezoning and annual reports. Some of these topics including land rezoning may relate to environmental justice, depending on how the zoning effected communities in the area. If the zoning does negatively affect a population, the meeting is where the public can come to bring that to the board’s attention. Some annual reports covered base wage adjustment for county employees, which may affect economic justice of workers. Much of the discussion applied to county employees and their benefits. There are multiple social workers, and human services professionals that work for Green Lake County. Specifically, the base wage adjustment I noticed increased with inflation rate for social workers. The document did not list if there were differences in wages between female and male social…show more content…
This was a very interesting program that included programs to benefit children who don’t know how to cook, or don’t know how to grow their own food. There were also programs in place that helped inmates develop skills for when they are released. The inmates were taught basic life skills, financial literacy, personal finance skills, taught how to balance a checkbook, and taught where to look/go for resources within the community upon release. These are programs that relate to social and economic justice. The programs are in place for the community to use freely. Providing extra educational opportunities allows those who may not be able to get an education on certain topics the

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