Good Judgment In Physical Therapy

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The Webster`s Dictionary definition of professionalism is the skill, good judgment, and polite behavior that is expected from a person who is trained to do a job well. Students of Physical Therapy need to be hyperaware of the patient they are treating in order to help them prosper along the journey. All three of these qualities are important in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Good judgment is will be important to students in the program by knowing when to ask for help. As students we are going to be learning a plethora of new information. Having good judgment will allow us to know when something is outside our realm of knowledge and be able to ask for help. Our first instinct as humans is to try and solve problems on our own but if we look to our mentors we will be able to learn more than if we try and take charge on our own. Mentors and …show more content…

To many people when they hear the word student they think incompetent but if we can make an effort to make a connection with them we may be able to ease that concern. By treating every person with respect they will do the same for you and it will be easier for them to recover. During my internship experience I have seen the difference attitude and behavior toward patients make during the recovery process. An important skill that Physical Therapy students should have is being able to be discreet. Being discreet is one of the most important things after patient care that students can learn because when you are dealing with another person`s body it can be uncomfortable for the patient. Many patients may feel insecure about needing help especially in front of others so if we are able to ease this in anyway the patient will be more likely to have a positive outcome. As Doctor of Physical Therapy students we need to remember that not every person will be comfortable with everything we do and we need to be cognoscente of others

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