Are Sports Override The Negatives?

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Do the Benefits of Sports Override the Negatives? From a young age adolescents from all over have been affected by sports. Personally my beliefs are that sports have helped give me a major self-esteem boost. Without sports the incredible bonds that I have with my peers would not be here today. Self-esteem refers to a person’s view on their own value and worth. I have read article after article, containing only the negatives of playing sports, and readers do not realize all the positives. Clearly there is a reason people only talk about the negatives. Sports help boost not only your physical self-worth, but also help you to feel more adjusted to society, including overall general happiness. Education is a part of our everyday life. …show more content…

Greater personal confidence, self-esteem, stronger peer relationships, more academically oriented friends, greater family attachment, and more frequent interactions with parents are all positives of youth 's involved in sports. Data shows, high school students are less likely to drop out & continue school after graduating, when involved with sports.”Team sports teach kids more than fitness—they improve motor skills, increase self-esteem, and foster cooperation and teamwork. Even non-athletic children can meet physical activity recommendations with non-competitive activities such as biking, swimming and jogging and by dancing or playing games like tag.” (Nichols 1). Bad habits and drug abuse is a very common thing for adolescents to get pulled into at a young age. Most schools, drug test sports players, helping to reduce the amount of adolescents on drugs. Sports are extremely beneficial because we all know that hard work pays off.
Although there are many benefits to playing sports, there are some downsides to the involvement as well. Nevertheless, does a few cons make the whole situation bad? One of the defaults to having a child who play sports are injuries, they are the biggest liability. Parents, did you know that teens between the age of 14-17 are supposed to get 8-10 hours of sleep each night? Sports can lessen the amount of sleep your child will get, which …show more content…

In conclusion, after looking over and reading through a few of the pros and cons of the topic of playing sports, you will notice that there are more negatives than positives to the whole position. Yes, your child playing sports can be good on their social skills and self-esteem, but also deadly to the body. It can higher their GPA, and lower it at the same time. More than that it also can cost you buckets of money. Having your children involved in these kinds of activities is a risk. Is your child playing sports a risk you are willing to take? It’s all just a game made to only be meant to have fun. There are too many drawbacks to go forward with the decision knowing the risk of death and serious life threatening injuries. You may think that anything too serious is impractical because they are just “children” but they are just as rough and tough yet fragile enough to never be the same again physically or mentally. There were 120 sports-related deaths of young athletes in the years 2008-2009. In 2010 there were 49 deaths and 39 total in 2011. That alone should be enough to walk away from and simply say no. Be selfish with your children, because tomorrow is never promised. Sometimes it is okay to walk on the safe side. In this case, safe is where you need to

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