English 1010 Reflection

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My experience in English 1010 was great. My writing skills were very poor at the beginning of the semester. I did not know how to write correct sentence structure. I had great difficulties making my sentences flow smoothly and clearly. I was not able to edit a paragraph for mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. I also had a problem in balancing the words in a pair, so that they have the same kind of structure, this will make a sentence clearly and easy to read. Parallel sentences that follow read more smoothly than the nonparallel ones. I have a great problem putting matching words and ideas into matching structures. Some of my sentences were fragments with incomplete phrases. English 1010 class helped to improve and change my level of writing. The grade that I think to earn in Eng 1010 is an A. I practiced writing more frequently by keeping a daily journal. The journal helped to make writing a familiar part of my life and served as a continuing source of ideas for papers. I also wrote many helpful and important essays in …show more content…

I learned how to formulate a restricted, unified, and precise thesis statement. I am now able to organize essay content into introduction, body and conclusion paragraphs. I also learned how to construct and organize unified, coherent, and well-developed paragraphs. I am able to apply grammar and usage rules correctly and develop clear, concise sentences. I learned about parallelism, run-on, comma splices and sentences. I also learned about the end punctuation, the comma, parentheses and quotation marks. I am able to demonstrate a thorough understanding of plagiarism by correctly summarizing, quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and acknowledging the sources through MLA/APA documentation. I was able to organize my thoughts effectively, and pose thoughtful arguments and effectively support my argument with a strong introduction and well-rounded

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