Reflective Essay For English Class

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Caption: This is my reflective introduction that shows all of my work and progress in this class. In this section, I will evaluate my progress on researching skill, writing abilities. Also, I will illustrate what did I do and what should I do in HCP and AP. P.S. Words in blue is artifact that I pull directly form my drafts or practice. As a senior, 39C might come a little bit later for me. Because normally students sill finish their lower writing class before they become junior. The reason why I entered 39 system this later is because I took five times Academic English series before I become a junior. So, my journey of becoming a writer is long and difficult. Until I took 39C, I thought my writing journey would end up miserably. However, writing 39C finally gave me some hope in writing. Unlike the former writing classes, 39C allows us to choose our own topic, do our own research, create complicate thesis and use supporting topic sentences. Also, the choice of source seems really importance in 39C. It requires us to do the annotated bibliography which is the first time I am asked to do such task. To look back …show more content…

I want to discover more about the education of the teenagers. Because teenagers are the future of the nation, so it is very important to get them a right point of view of ADIS/HIV. My problem is national but in some particular region, the problem is more severe. My problem is connected with female sex workers who are the distributors of the ADIS/HIV. People are to shy to talk about AIDS/HIV. Parents and teachers are afraid that children get the information of AIDS too early that will bring negative effect to children. To solve this problem, government can force school to teach student about sex and AIDS/HIV. I will first bring up few other points and try to solve the problem. Then point out the drawback of them. Then bring up my solution and try to find some examples to back it

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