Rhetorical Analysis Of Gary Steiner's Animal, Vegetable Mineral

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Begin by reading about Rhetorical Analysis (41-54). Then, read Gary Steiner 's "Animal, Vegetable, Mineral" (769-773) and write three paragraphs. This will be your first online activity.
Give it your best attempt. Help me help you. I need to assess your writing as individuals and the class as a group so I can make adjustments.
Assignment Outline
Paragraph 1 is a summary. A summary should identify author, article, purpose, and give me an idea of the main points. One of the most challenging aspects of summary is the length. This summary paragraph should be 5-7 sentences. Make sure it is in a distant and formal third person. Remember, just the facts. Do not critique it or offer personal insight...yet. Paragraph 2 is a brief analysis. Consider …show more content…

This short story explains and questions how people find eating animals morally acceptable. Steiner 's short story explains that whenever people think these animals are being treated respectfully they are being ignorant to the fact of how these animals are truly treated; Steiner brings up the fact of how an animals typical horrid life is and how it transitions from its horrid life to being killed by a butcher in a matter of seconds. Moreover, Steiner also adheres to the topic of how unacceptable, it is to kill these animals just for human consumption. Steiner 's purpose in writing this short story is to display to us the fact that eating any animal is not only wrong, but it is just downright unacceptable as it is mass murder of these innocent animals. Finally, Steiner tries to define at his best, what a strict vegan truly …show more content…

Gary Steiner 's was very unhappy at how animals are treated so his motivation to write this short story about animals and how they are being slaughtered by people daily is the animals themselves. Steiner 's writing is very cohesive and very well crafted as it displays to the readers his true feelings to the people who eat these animals and his true feelings to the animals themselves. The writing is very clear, and his ideas are very well conveyed, understanding of this short story was made easy by Steiner 's writing style and format. Steiner seemed to be quite angered by the people he sees daily eating animals as a joy or as a form of appreciation on the day of Thanksgiving or many

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