The Importance Of Sex Education In High School Education

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Why Sex Education is Important in School ? Sex is an essential aspect of human life. It is a natural phenomenon and without applying it the cycle of the human being cannot move ahead or cannot assume. Sex as being such an important part of our life, it is necessary for all to move detail knowledge and information about sex education. Regarding sex education everyone has their one perception. But, what exactly sex education is? Sex education is the process of developing in young people’s skill so that they can have a clear idea and can make their own choice based on the knowledge they have gained about the sex. Sex education is the process of obtaining information and forming attitudes and intimacy. We live in such society where beliefs about everything have been rooted by superstitious norms and values. People ashamed while talking about the sex and don’t want to talk by thinking that what images they would have in their society if they talk openly in this topic or rather they think that talking on this topic will down their prestige in society. Since a long time sex education has been a great challenge in regarding whether to consider it in school education or not. There had been many disputes about it. It’s because our Nepali traditional society believes that including sex education in high school education will destroy their children’s character and morality as per them it make them aware about sexual intercourse and they try to do it with practice. Having a

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