Importance Of High School Education

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High School, the Secondary level of education is facing very harsh problems. The personality, attitude, emotional stability, morale, commitment towards work of a teacher determines the quality of education. The Secondary Education Commission (1952) rightly points out "We are convinced that the most important factor in the contemplated educational reconstruction is the teacher, his personal qualities, his educational qualifications, his professional training and the place that he occupies in the school as well as in the community. Reports of Kothari Commission (1964) says that “Of all the different factors which influence the quality of education and its contribution to national development, the quality, competence, and character of teachers are undoubtedly the most significant”. This statement reiterates the importance of teachers and their attitudes. High school education is considered the most important stage of one’s life because of various reasons. The secondary stage of education plays a pivotal role in channelizing the future scholastic route and deciding the career option in the life of an individual and so it gains a significant momentum. Students develop their own outlook and perspectives at this stage. They need role models at this stage. Teachers influence adolescent students at this period. They are the second parents to give guidance and support for them in various physical and emotional issues. Hence, extreme importance is

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