1.1 Explain The Importance Of The Support Of Parents And Carers

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t is extremely important to have the support of parents and carers in a school, they are a valuable resource .The parents and primary carers will always be associated with being the child’s first educators and being the people who know their children best. Other people may disagree.
Parents and carers see their children at their best and worse, they will know most things about them this information can then be passed on to the school this will enable them to react and support the child /young person . it is effectively working as a partnership with the school and will benefit the child and young person. Parents / carers are to provide a safe secure and happy environment for their child /young person .Be able to get the child/young person …show more content…

The HLTA must talk to parents with the understanding of the class teacher this could be done in general conversation or more in-depth if you need to talk about the progress of their child/young person .The HLTA can then explain what their child /young person is doing in school and the ways in which the parent /carer are able to help and give support at home. Showing an interest and support in your child/young person’s education will help them progress because of their parents / carers values are promoting this .A HLTA is not a social worker , any meeting that takes place are about the child / young person’s progress . you will be able to guide parents /carers , if there any other issues that need to be addressed because of the relationship and respect that has been built there is likely to be a more open and trusting relationship .Remembering confidentiality at all times. When meeting with carers /parents you should consider that not all parents / carers will be as literate as you , but they will be still as caring , there could be other differences that you could be unaware of

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