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A. 1. Partnerships with families and communities support shared responsibility for children’s learning, development, and wellbeing. – I believe this is a breach of the code because knowing that children can understand this sort of negativity can cause them to have set backs which would not honour the parent’s wishes or the child’s development. 2. Respectful, responsive, and reciprocal relationships are central to children’s education. – this kind of language is not respectful and does not help with the child’s education. 3. Act in the best interest of the child. The best interest of the child would be to encourage toilet training. Use only up lifting comments. 4. Acknowledge children as competent learners and build active communities of engagement and inquiry. – the carer is not acknowledging that the child is a competent learner and building an active environment, 5. Sensitive to the vulnerabilities of children and families and respond in …show more content…

It is unsafe to let a child go to sleep sucking on a bottle and cuddling a teddy. The reason this is not ok to give a bottle before bed time is because it can cause serious tooth decay. Leaving a soft toy in the cot for children under the age of two years is unsafe as it can increase the chance of suffocation. (Peters, 2010) 2. Identify three sleep practices in the scenario that would contravene a service’s safe sleep policy or be impossible to implement in an early childhood setting. A. 1. He will only go to sleep sucking his bottle – contravenes a services safe sleeping policy 2. He requires his environment to be dark and silent – impossible to implement. 3. Goes to bed cuddling a teddy bear. Unable to follow as it is an unsafe sleep policy. 3. How would you explain to Sam’s mother that you are unable to follow her instructions for settling Sam to sleep? Outline what you would say and do. In your answer identify what documents, references or resources you could use to support your position (name at least

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