Critical Essay On Teaching English As A Second Language

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Critical Essay 2

Norma Liendo

Teaching English as a Second Language

Teaching today has become a very interesting job for soon-to-be or current teachers due to the high culture diversity in their classrooms. Teacher not only have to be well prepared to present quality education but also to be able to accommodate for all the students needs regardless of origin, color or race. The important point is not teaching different children but due to their different backgrounds they learn differently; thus, the teachers now need to become aware of the students’ cultures in their classroom as soon as possible.
These different learning styles should make the teacher knowledgeable that he/she might have to embark on a journey to explore the students’ cultures and embrace them because at the end of the day he/she has the responsibility to teach all students in the most effective way. To become an effective teaching today …show more content…

Some students might perform best when they listen and participating in class discussions, and other might be visual persons while others prefer to take down notes. This is why it is imperative for the teachers to engage in knowing the students at the beginning of the school year and as quickly as possible for them to implement the right teaching strategies.
Another important factor for the teachers to take into consideration is the parental support and home environment in the student success. Nowadays, teachers try to build a friendly relationship with the students’ parents because they know that sometimes when the student is not performing well is because there are problems at home. The relationship has to be based on mutual respect; this communication between the teacher and parent is a great way to motivate the student to perform at his/her best and not let down the parents in front of his/her

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